Monday, January 29, 2007


Flat out..

2 days. 130km. First day was around 40 degrees. Celsius. (Pushing 110 F) Lucky it was pretty much all flat riding. We call this "Training".

Well actually, despite the heat, and the sore muscles, and sometimes feeling like you're running out of fuel (!)... and the wondering at times why we were doing this (and indeed planning on doing the Big Ride ..... again) ... it was good. There is something to be said for experiencing the countryside at a slower pace than in a car. And of course the feeling that you've achieved something physical.

Slept well last night though!

More details later - on our bike blog. After I've attended to more mundane things around here. The kids are back at school tomorrow - well two out of three are. My tandem mate and I will have some more mother/teenage daughter bonding opportunities tomorrow. Somehow I don't think suggesting a tandem training ride will go down very well!


XDAWDSEaqszsewsGo Girl! Excellent shots. Looks like you are having heaps of fun.
Having fun with the word verification strauss?!!!

It was fun. Mostly. A bit at the time.. and a lot retrospectively.

Yeah, and that's me in green on the front of the green tandem. And flat out on the grass.

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