Monday, January 22, 2007


Not as strong as I look.

Apparently. So said the Personal Trainer at my introductory session today. (And so agreed my Dearly Beloved when I told him what she'd said.) "That's ok, we can change that," she said. I will hold on to that thought, as I try to stay positive. I don't think she realises how on the mark she is - not just physically, but psychologically as well.. (and in fact how being told that doesn't make you feel terribly good psychologically, but I guess she's not to know that...)

But maybe I am just having 'one of those days'.

My lower back is also more of an issue than she thought. (It was a bit iffy before I went, and tonight it is a bit worse.. ) It's a chicken/egg thing with the strength issue.

Earlier in the day one of the kids knocked a half full jar of mayonnaise out of the fridge onto the slate floor. *Smash*. Glass and mayonnaise to clean up.

The clothesline 'broke' again.

I raced to the supermarket after the training session to buy some frozen pies for the girls to "cook" and serve themselves while I was at a netball committee meeting. Lining up at the express register to pay for it, I discover my purse is not in my bag! Serendipity smiled upon me this time - I just happened to queue up next to Zoe's friend's mum. She paid for me - so I owe her $4.80! (And thankfully my purse was on the computer desk at home.)

But then I walked out of the netball committee meeting, with the shits. (And the shakes.)

This is where I am 'not strong' psychologically. I am fragile.. I am thin-skinned.

But when I prefaced the meeting with an email to other committee members apologising for not having sent some correspondence over Christmas, citing my extended unwellness, plus some confusion with what was required, and that I wanted to clarify at the meeting exactly what we had to say (and why and whether we really needed 5 separate letters to the same person.) And that I would welcome some assistance with some phrases, and the 'bullshitting' re expected growth of the membership... (And I had actually written a couple of drafts, and they were being discussed, and changed...)

And then I get 'If you're not capable of doing the job, give it to me'....


Maybe find yourself another Secretary then? (And someone else to do the website. And all the other publicity that I actually introduced to help disseminate information within the club.)

No, I'm not as strong as I look.


Hey, what is that supopsed to mean. I thought personal trainers were suppose to be encouraging, not deflating. I hope you get a more encouraging reception next time.
You were having a shitty day, that's allowed and today will be better.

You're out there having a go, that's what matters.

Mind you, the personal trainer could have chosen her words more carefully, she shouldn't bite the hand that feeds her. Perhaps she's not as smart as she looks?

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