Monday, January 01, 2007


2007 - Bring it on...

But first just let me get home. I am back on a broadband connection, but at my parents' house for another night (of two). We have been away since the day before christmas eve, and I am longing for my own house and my own bed. Not that the time away has been bad.. it's just that there's no place like home.

This was not technically a holiday.... as I suppose I covered in earlier posts. It was easier to rent a holiday house near to my mother in law's holiday house.. so as to spend christmas with her, my sister-in-law, and my sister-in-law's girlfriend. It was a pleasant enough day, and a pleasant enough week... despite the weather being pretty cool. We even got our 'white christmas' by driving down a dirt road in a hail storm one day.

We nearly got our canyoning in, but were forced to turn back when Alison gashed her hand. Marc and I got a bushwalk in two days later.. I am still coughing though... and am mighty weary of it. I am better than I was, but just not better.

Anyhoo, we are due to go out for pizza with my sister and family; I just had a snooze this afternoon (a very low key New Year's Day) in the hope that doing nothing might sort me out. Should have a shower... we apparently can't be late for this booking...

We have waited the extra day in Sydney on our way home so as to buy roof bars for the landcruiser. Gradually getting things set up so we can go away... ironic really when all we want to do right now (Marc in particular after a 5 day work trip just before we left) is be home sweet home.

Have missed reading all my favourite blogs, so I'll be hard to drag away from the 'puter once I get home...


Have missed your blog! Welcome back & Happy 2007

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