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Do your Mum and Dad eat Vita Wheats?

There's this TV ad over here where the Mum is carrying on like a kid with boundless energy; in one of the older ads she is walking, balancing and jiggling along a brick wall, while her kid walks alongside holding her hand. In a current one Mum is skipping, all giggly and energetic (a bit manic actually) while her kid turns the rope at one end with a kind of bored look on her face. In both ads a friend asks "Does your Mum eat Vita Wheats?" ... and the kid rolls her eyes and nods. Kind of like 'yep, my Mum's a loony'.

[I don't actually tend to buy Vita Wheats these days, but Aussie kids of my vintage might remember the butter and vegemite worms that could only be made with Vita Wheats!]

I looked for a reference to it online, but I can't find it. So you'll have to just go with me on this convoluted analogy.

The ad kept flitting through my head today, while Marc and I racked off to go bike riding, leaving the sloths kids at home for a few hours. This version had Mum and Dad with the boundless energy, and the kids at home - one at the computer, one choreographing dance routines in the playroom, and the other making jewellery with beads. But all rolling their eyes about their hyperactive parents. I could almost imagine friends of theirs asking as we rolled back up, two and a half hours later, spattered with mud, "Do your mum and dad eat vita wheats?" and the kids rolling their eyes and nodding. "Yup".

It took a bit (for me anyway) to push away the guilt of leaving them home alone for a few hours on a Sunday, but given the fact that they were in sloth mode and would have stayed so whether we were there or not (unless we dragged them out, moaning and grumbling) so we headed off, just the two of us, on our mountain bikes again, into the state forest to the west of here. I suppose while some couples choose to go out for dinner for a few hours, this is the sort of thing we do. [Cue some more eye-rolling] And at least there's not that darkness factor you worry about when you get to the point where your eldest kid is old enough to be the babysitter...

This time we planned a longer route which involved a bit more UP than last time. Hmmm, UP. I'm wondering if I should go and get myself a lung capacity test, because when I got to the top of a few of the UPs, I was gasping for breath - one time I even panicked because it took a while to regain my breath. Which of course made it worse. (I wondered if that was how asthmatics feel.) It subsided relatively quickly, so I'm guessing it's just an aerobic fitness thing. Also, using the lowest, lowest gear would help. (Marc suggested as I gasped at the top of a hill we've now dubbed 'Gasping Hill' that I should have used the lowest gear.. "I am in the lowest gear!" I protested. But hmm, I wasn't.. one more to go. Makes all the difference that!)

On some of the hills there was loose gravel, so traction was just a teeny bit of an issue, contributing to the panic a bit! (If I ever wondered where Zoe gets her cautiousness from, I should wonder no longer! - though I blame the fact that when I was young I never screamed around on a bike in the dirt like boys tend to do.) But, you know.. I did it. We had one section that was so steep, we had to push the bikes up. Screaming calf muscles, oy. But when you get to the bigger forest road that is graded and smooth, and mostly downhill, then yeee ha! A bit of a challenge for the wuss in me negotiating some ruts as we went downhill. And a few puddles to ride through, after yesterday's rain.

Hey, it was fun! And it was nice to get out in the bush a bit. Even if our peace was shattered twice. Gotta love the sound of trailbikes in the afternoon. And mmmm, that wonderful aroma of exhaust fumes!

38km round trip, first 4 km and last 9 or so on tar. It got the blood flowing and the endorphins jumping around, and I feel a whole lot better mentally than I did the rest of the weekend. (And then I got to get pizza for dinner!)

And we are going to meet up with a friend tomorrow morning at 6.00. (Us on our road tandem and him on his single bike). A ride down the highway, and up a winding hill through the bananas, and back in time to get the kids off to school.

I swear, I don't actually eat Vita Wheats. Maybe I should! Might get me out the other days when I really need it.

[I'm sure the ad is for Vita Wheats, and not Vita Brits.. I'll look a complete goose if I've got it wrong won't I!]

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Hey Trace - it was the other way around here - we had lots of cycling between rain today BUT it was to get excess energy out of my little bundle of energy. I am not sure which Vita the ad is for (and I know the ad so shocking product recognition there) but I will have to blame the pikelets that mark Sunday mornings around here!
I'm guessing Vita Wheats are similar to Wheaties? A beakfast cereal aimed at the athletic set?

I tried vegemite once- it was...interesting.
You are being kind rootie. Interesting? I vote or awful.

Too much rain lately to get on my bike but last Sunday I managed a nice ride without huffing and puffing. I think this excercising is paying off.

You'll get more comfortable leaving them T. and you will realize that adults are entitled to free time without worrying that the kids are lazy. *grin*
Hey Trace - don't listen to them - Vita Wheats with vegemite worms was a wonderful addition to any kid's lunchbox in the 70s!!!

And you guys - try a smear of vegemite on hot buttered toast with avocado, lemon juice and cracked pepper - it is a taste sensation I have exported globally, even to devout vegemite haters!
It's my fault, I sent Elizabeth the vegemite, and she wasn't amused! Most times I think you just have to be brought up with it.

No, Rootie, Vita Wheats are just a savoury cracker... When I was a kid there was only the one variety (and far less to choose from in crackers). Nowadays of course there are 9 grains, cracked pepper, sesame, soy and linseed... plus sandwich size in a couple of those varieties.

I can't find a picture of them out of the box. Maybe I shall just have to buy some! I don't know if the worms still work though! I did find one webpage where someone was lamenting the fact that they changed the size of the holes and you couldn't make vegemite and butter worms anymore!!

(Of course, these days I feel guilty if I use too much butter.)

Vegemite does need butter, I have to say.

Vita Brits, on the other hand, are compact type wheat cereal biscuits that you eat with milk. However I am a Weet Bix kid (same type of cereal, different brand), and so are the rest of the family. I once brought vita brits for a change, and noone ate them!!
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I just love deleting comments left by total wankers!

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