Sunday, April 01, 2007


A lazy day.

Consumed with guilt (a bit) for not accompanying Middle Child to her first ever rep netball carnival at Port Macquarie (over 2 hour drive each way) - but there will be several more before the 3 day culmination of State Age at Wollongong (south of Sydney) at the beginning of July. By then we will have watched so much netball - between the two of them - our eyes will be glazing over! Eldest left yesterday afternoon to travel further for a different rep carnival and won't be back till around 10pm - there was no thought of us going to that one!! She is very self-sufficient now, though, so we didn't have to do much other than make sure her uniforms were clean, requested food/snacks provided, and then drive her to the bus. (Having said that, I have just had a momentary minor panic to myself hoping she hasn't forgotten anything important - like her rep dress or something! Because I'm so 'Omega' I couldn't be bothered any more checking what she has packed!

Generally speaking, I don't think we can be accused of not 'being there' for our children.

We just needed a day to veg out. (Wonder why!) Supposedly we were going to be industrious around the house, but we had a huge sleep in (after getting up before 6 to help her be ready to leave). I crawled back into bed, and finally slept (I can tell by the fact that I had some really really whacko dreams).. and woke up around 10.00 - but with a headache. Damn! I am blaming the cheap(er) wine that I drank last night - I seem to have a 'cheapness' limit on whether wine affects me or not. Must be worth more than $10 a bottle, I've decided. I think last night's was too cheap!

So I've been a slacko, sitting on here ever since. The good news is that the headache is abating. Which means that I should probably get up and look like I am doing something.

Marc has made good use of kicking back with the paper for a change - such a long time since he has enjoyed that 'luxury', what with the overseas work, and the self-inflicted cycling adventure. He has picked up a Toyota vehicle safety recall which affects our landcruiser! Another job for me to follow up on during the week, and the inconvenience of taking it in to Toyota at some point.

We have threatened Zoe with going for a bike ride - on our single bikes. For all the miles she has ridden on the back of a tandem/triplet, she is not a confident solo rider - something we feel we should address now that she is 8. (Never mind the fact that I never rode a bike till I was 12!!) Windy autumnish weather today though.. a little while ago we had a shower of semi-horizontal rain. One of those days which gives you patches of sun (like now) in between bleak and wet.

Writing about the netball has just reminded me that I need to find us some accommodation for State Age! Another reason to sit on here a bit longer! Perhaps another cup of coffee will help me with that task!

Tell me, though, if you have breakfast at 11.00, what time do you have lunch?!!

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Skip it and have an early tea.
Your weekend sounds wonderfully relaxed - you deserve a good chill. I loved the way your described the weather - I could feel that and see it too. I don't mind days like that, in Australia though, since they are not to common.
Hi! Thanks for popping by my place. If you have breakfast at 11, you can have lunch at about 3 (ie, now), then dinner at about 7, if you really want to keep some normality in your life. Or you can just do what I do: go back to bed until 1, then wake up and have lunch! Ah, the luxury of being footloose and fancy-free...
on lazy days I tend to graze all day.
Enjoy the time *off*
The Bellybutton is correct! Just had some turkish bread now at 3.00, and we will figure out something for dinner about 7.00. Nothing wrong with that is there!

Only handbrake on going back to bed is poor little Miss 8 who is so good at entertaining herself - reading, computer, etc - but I can't quite bring myself to ignore her all day! Sometimes it would be nice to be footloose and fancy free!

Might risk the rain and get her on the bike!
Yes, it's great being a childless single - you can be as selfish as you want and not feel bad about it.

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