Friday, May 04, 2007


Brought to you by the letter W...?

It's warm! What the? What weird whacky weather! It's 29 degrees out there! But it's May, for heaven's sakes. In Australia. Southern hemisphere. Autumn. One month off winter. And it's nearly 90 degrees Farenheit? Bizarre. So far I've only emerged outside to hang washing out, and the sudden jump to that sort of warmth made me feel a bit woozy. So I've been sitting in here on the computer, avoiding doing all the stuff I know I should be doing.

Bit of a worry. And so what's this with me and the w's? Don't know. Maybe I've lost the plot completely. (Maybe it's the period pain medication. And yesterday I was taking the naprogesic, and a panadeine/codeine tablet as well.) Maybe it's gone to my head. And today I'm still feeling a bit 'that time of the month' fragile. Poor wee flower. (Weed more like.)

I'm trying to psych up to go up to Woopi (name everyone calls the local town), to buy stuff for dinner. Marc thought I should go to the bike shop there to suss out a bike they did have, but I've talked him into coming with me on Monday morning instead. He would only ask me all technical questions about it that I couldn't answer anyway, so it is better that my bike mechanic/cycling coach/financial sponsor accompanies me.

We are coming to the conclusion that we should just accept the fact that we're kind of anti-social. In the 'normally accepted' way, anyway. (Lately I've lamented with Marc the fact that we are not very social or gregarious - and I probably used to blame the fact that he was always away as the cause of that.) But someone invited us to go to dinner tonight - at a fishing club in town, nothing flash. With the kids. And, really, we have no interest in going. It was through people Marc plays Touch with.. and I don't know most of them. And the ones I know.. meh.. (and his wife was one who peeved me at a recent netball committee meeting with her attitude about another coach, so I don't really feel like doing the social chit chat thing with her anyway..)

So we found ourselves coming up with a whole host of excuses. Don't feel like rushing from my swimming class into town (25km) for it. I bought the kids pies and chips last night, don't feel like more rubbish tonight. Would rather come home, have dinner, go to bed, and get up early for a bike ride. Etc etc. So, we've blamed my swimming class for the reason we can't attend.

Is that weird? Probably.

Part of the reason we want to bike ride is the social aspect, so it's not like we're complete hermits. Maybe we're just very choosy. And these days we'd rather talk bikes than general crap. I suppose.

So, I should be on my bike .. well, get in the car anyway.. and wander up to Woopi - and wonder about what to have for dinner that can be prepared before 4pm and be ready for around 7pm when I get home from the afternoon's activities. I think I will go and change into a summery sleeveless top so I don't expire in all that warmth.

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