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In between stuffing around today, I actually managed to clean a couple of things! I washed one of the cars! And cleaned the bathroom vanity and loo. And washed the bath down (how dare it get dirty even when it never gets used!) And even poked the vacuum cleaner around the playroom, in between all the kids' crap. Given my ultra-slackness in recent weeks months, this is big news for around here.

I also haven't felt shattered from the early wake-up like I did on Monday. Oh my god, I might be getting used to this insane early morning bike-riding lark.

I didn't get all down and moody either - which is a surprise given what the next few days are about to bring. Maybe this theory of throwing yourself into cleaning has some merit. (Or maybe it's the endorphins gaining the upper hand.)

I also got on the phone and got myself an appointment to see the gyno again, and the Nicest Medical Receptionist in the World (truly!) put me in for Thursday next week because she didn't want me to have to wait around for weeks and weeks. (How unusual is that for a specialist?) It doesn't matter that it is tennis day (and I have to drive to Port for it).. and stuff around to work out after school logistics for the kids. I am happy to get an appointment. And I could hug that receptionist. How many medical receptionists make you feel that way? Not many.

I also rang a couple of bike shops about a road bike for me. The local shop that deals in the brand we are interested in (after Marc's net research) didn't offer to get one in on spec - but the guy at Port did. So, as I told him, yes, I am serious about it, and if he's prepared to get it in, I'm prepared to travel down there for it. With luck he'll have it by Thursday so it will be worth the trip. And with further luck Marc will take the day off work and come with me, although that will make the after school logistics a bit more complicated.

Why am I so chuffed that I made a few phone calls? I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I have some sort of mild phone phobia. Don't get me wrong, I can yak away with the best of them once I am on the phone. But I do have this weird resistance to picking up the phone and making a call. I put off making appointments. I put off ringing places to ask for information. I don't know why I do, because I am really quite capable when I start talking. And it's just all about that first step of getting the number, picking up the phone, dialling, and starting the conversation.

I don't tend to ring friends or family much either. I'm not quite sure why. Because I know I will end up talking for an hour, and then that's an hour "lost" when I think I could be doing something more "constructive" ? (Like now for instance.. *snorts*) The kids either annoy me by trying to ask me things (and I am not one of these people who can follow two conversations at once). Or they are vewwy, vewwy quiet, so that I don't notice them and the fact that normal bedtime has slipped by without me going. I have embraced the email/instant chat culture because I can review what I am going to say before I 'say' it. And I can walk away and do something else, or talk to someone else, all at the same time. Now that is what I call multi-tasking.

Tomorrow I have my first tennis comp day. Let's hope I can connect with the ball. Let's hope the cramps don't attack like they could well do. And let's hope my "alpha" teammates don't babble on about how much bloody cleaning they did that morning BEFORE they left for tennis.

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The phone phobia sounds like something I went through. I would wait til P. was home so he could make my calls and at one point I avoided answering as well.

Didn't last once I got myself started again, sort of like the housework, if we make something a routine it gets easier to just do. No I don't have the housework routine yet!

When I cancelled my internet to get highspeed with a different company, I thought it had all been taken care of until the next bill arrived.
I called customer service. A real person answered. She talked to me all the way through the procedure as she cancelled me out of the billing system and then we had a lovely chat about the weather. I now know that Nova Scotia is a wonderful place to visit any time but winter....3 seasons of lovely days she said.

We each had a good phone experience T.
Oh Tracey. I Soooooo get you :)
I am not much into the phone either.
Neither am I. At one stage everyone but me in the house used the phone. I'd much rather write things down than talk about them. You've no idea how hard it was to ring E in London. I looked at the phone for nearly half an hour before I did. Once a conversation is underway it's ok.
Perhaps the sort of person who uses the internet is somewhat phone phobic.
don't mind calling friends for a chat but making calls to businesses makes me cringe. yesterday called RAC to follow up a payment that should have been deducted from our account and was handballed 3 times before someone with decent customer service skills actually investigated and resolved the problem.
no wonder no one likes to use the phone these days

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