Thursday, May 31, 2007


You've got to move it move it...

So it seems. Second month running... tennis day = that day = no crampiness as experienced in previous months!! Something to do with moving around instead of sitting at the computer sooking? Either that or Naprogesic rocks where Ponstan doesn't. And/or the evening primrose oil actually does something (no lead up PMS this time either... which makes a pleasant change!) Whatever the equation, we have one happier girl than usual for this time of the month.

Notes to self:

So don't make excuses for not doing the special 7am community ride tomorrow morning, because it's obviously of benefit to keep moving, despite the inconvenience factor that men will just never really get... (He works hard at being sympathetic.. but he'll never know what it's like.. really...)

Keep taking the evening primrose oil capsules, even if you feel like you're going to start rattling soon.

Naprogesic. Don't leave home without it.

Yesterday?! I wasn't here. (You noticed didn't you?! You even missed me, right?). I trashed myself, basically. I made myself tired!! But in a good way. I think. Let's see... I left home at 9.15 to ride to the netball courts to help with a schools netball gala day... then I made excuses to leave there early, and rode down the highway.. (chalked up 18km by then...) ... met up with a new cycling/training buddy and we rode pretty hard (for me anyway) 23km around the estate she lives in, in and out of all the cul-de-sacs. AND then did our weights/training session. And then I rode home. 52.27km total. And I felt totally trashed. Sat here writing to Marc on Skype over and over again "I'm rooted." (And then I had to do a netball taxi run into town...)

So my post-ride trashedness? It wasn't just the physical effort. I am so not planning on riding that stretch of highway again. A 2-foot wide shoulder between a B-Double doing 100kph and a barricade is just too effing-freak-me-out-effing-scary for me. It doesn't bother me quite as much on the tandem because we are a) going faster, and b) Marc has the ability to look around constantly keeping an eye on the traffic, and somehow times our run through the narrower bits. While I tend to steer the bike all over the place if I look behind me, and hence risk running myself accidentally into the path of said trucks or cars barrelling up behind me at 100kph.

So picture me swearing very VERY hard as this freaking long truck barrels past at what seems like inches away... and then fighting the urge to cry, because oh my god, that was just too freaking close for comfort. This happened twice before I got past the bad section and onto a wider shoulder. I then turned off the highway, and I think I might have been trembling a bit, maybe. With relief. Because I survived. I slowed down to take a drink, and I must have been still shaking, because I missed the bottle cage as I went to put the bike bottle back. Doh! One bike bottle to retrieve from the middle of the road. And then I swallowed a bug. Hmmm, yum. Not.

Ah well, but I am sure it must be doing me good, somehow. And this feeling of virtuosity from the total kilometres ridden (plus the Cycling Coach/Partner being "proud" of me for it) is ok as well.

And so I've backed up today with four sets of tennis, and somehow it all seems to have affected my brain, because I just stood vacantly in the supermarket just now trying to think of something 'easy' for dinner... and I finally came away with stuff to make a pumpkin, bacon and leek quiche or frittata or something, and as I got home I thought "That's not effing easy... I've got to chop stuff up! (The Guilt Factor stopped me from buying frozen pies for a second week in a row.)

And so I plan to have the kidlets' uniforms etc organised tonight so that they get themselves off to school... and we leave here at the relatively sane hour of 6.15 am (which sounds so much more civilised than 5.45am) to drive into town to do this bike ride. I'm sure the extra half hour in bed will make me feel so much better about it at the time.

And then of course, we will possibly follow it up with the usual Saturday morning ride.

Yep. I think we are both quite possibly insane, and also, quite possibly, at nearly 6pm, it would be an idea to do something about this supposedly easy dinner....

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And so we know where the "crazy" part of your name comes from...
I am just gobsmacked, Trace - shoot!

BTW - check out the medicinal properties of that bug!

Oh - and we are nearly in synch.
It's the full moon jeanie!
Geez, am tired reading all that - tennis, cycling, truck avoiding! Far out! When do you sit down and eat chocolate??? That is what moderately sane women like us should be doing at that time of the month! Chocolate all the way, I say!!!! ;)
I'll say "Go you"! Good on you girl. Trucks and buses while riding the bike are an absolute nightmare, and I am not even travelling very fast, unlike yourself. You are one brave lady.
I'm glad you are safe. I missed you.
Aww, thanks Jersey Chick! :D

Brissiemum... don't panic! I do eat chocolate.. I even have a secret stash at the moment... It is probably why I'm not dropping kilos like I should be with the amount of exercise I've been doing... :(

Strauss.. as I said over at your place.. you are doing full on stuff yourself! I mean.. boot camp type stuff?!!! What's more... you loved it!!! We are partners in this! No more, no less!!!

Mind you, yes, MB.. I am feeling just a wee bit crazy....but hell.. it's a good crazy.. really.... I think.....

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