Monday, June 11, 2007


Ah-choo! Ah-choo! Ah-CHOO!

That was all I was good for yesterday afternoon. It crept up on me insidiously when I had begrudgingly taken the older two girls in shopping. (Not a great decision to leave "I need more clothes!" shopping until a Sunday afternoon when most of the smaller shops have closed, but given our usual out-of-school-hours schedule, it was the only shopping time we have - till rep netball is finished at any rate - not that I'm counting the days for that or anything!)

The nose started itching. The nose started dripping.. The head started going 'errrgh', and I felt like I was channelling Sneezy, Dopey AND Grumpy. At one point I stood outside one of those hip young things clothes shops with the *doof doof* music while they browsed - propping myself up against a wall. Bit of role reversal stuff happening there - isn't it usually the teenagers looking decidedly bored and wishing they were anywhere but? I dragged my butt in there while they tried on some t-shirts... head pounding along with the music... and I must have looked as out of place as I felt.

Earlier we'd walked out of one shopping centre, and as I emerged, I sneezed a few times. An older bloke walking buy started to say 'Bless You'.. each time.. then incredulously started counting the sneezes. "Three!" he said. (I thought it was more by then, but whatever.. I was too busy clenching my pelvic floor muscles, and besides which, if you live with my husband, three sneezes is nothing!) Then I sneezed once more, and he turned, holding up four fingers and exclaimed, "FOUR!".

What the?

So then emerging later from the other shopping centre, again the outside air brought on another frenzied attack of sneezing. A woman approaching us said "HOLEY DOOLEY!" Cait thought I must have known her.. but no. So sorry to have disturbed you all... but.. since when was it the done thing to pass exclamatory comment on some poor person sneezing?!!

The good news is that after a fairly miserable evening dealing with a nose that dripped like a leaky tap (yep, interesting trying to get dinner on..) some combination of the hayfever tabs and the nighttime cold & flu tabs worked. Today I am ok.. but disinclined to get too excited about it lest I jinx myself. (I am superstitious like that.)

Needless to say, yesterday didn't incorporate any bike riding. (So much for major league sleep-ins making you feel better.... perhaps they are overrated after all.) Today I slept in some more, just to make sure that the lack of runny nose when I first awoke was going to stay. Can't be too careful. And all I've done is more washing - of sheets - and of dirty clothes emerging from heaven knows where - the corners of rooms, from the underneath of furniture in their bedrooms and playroom. You can tell I run a tight ship. NOT. I've dumped the vacuum cleaner up there too. So they can see what a diabolical job is is to try to vacuum amongst all their crap! What is not done today might just end up in a big garbage bag tomorrow. Or when I think I can tackle it without bringing on more dust-induced sneezing. Yesterday's bout of it was enough to last me for a while.

[Actually, they have done a pretty good job of clearing up. It looks much better.. remains to be seen what has been stuffed out of sight... as they do...]


Bless you!

I hate it when the sneeze/drip thing comes on like that. I panic that it's a cold starting. I am an absolute wimp where disease is concerned, all whines and moans and cradling of hot tea cups.

So- maybe it's just the hayfever. Washing sheets and all is what I do as well, with bleach and hot water Just In Case.

Here's to allergies instead of germs C(_)~ and a hot cuppa tea.
Oh I hope you are not coming down with anything too dreadful - and it sounds like the girls have pulled their weight a bit with the tidy - maybe you should milk it!

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