Tuesday, June 05, 2007


A blogging imperative

Must blog... must blog. Why is that? I have nothing inspirational to blog about right now, and for some reason I can't focus my thoughts anyway, because Marc is home, sitting over at the table on his laptop, and I seem to be able to *think* more if I am alone in the house with no distractions. I am also probably feeling that I should be running around hanging clothes on the line and doing other houseworky stuff - before I race out into town to a chiropractor appointment at 10.30.

But I *must* do a blog post.

He has pulled or torn his hamstring - last night at Touch. I wouldn't have dared to suggest to 'Mr Conscientious' that he not go to work, but it must be bad because he has decided not to go in. Too painful and, as it's his right leg, too hard to drive. He will normally push himself to the limit, so I am figuring that, in the spectrum of his various injuries this is NOT TOO GOOD. It doesn't mean he is not working of course. He will sit all day at his laptop; currently on a skype conversation.. so he might actually get more done from home than in the office.

This will, however, cramp his, and our, style with the bikeriding. Apparently it went *twang*, much like I did to my calf muscle a year ago (pre blogging days), and that put me out of commission for a few weeks. What a bummer - just when we have a long weekend coming up and all. Never mind the bike riding.. the grass needs a mow! Guess I'll be doing it now.

Ali and Zoe got through their Zone cross country run yesterday - unscathed - which was all I was worried about with Alison. With the netball state age coming up in a few weeks, and with everything invested in it from her point of view, it would have been disastrous to get a twisted ankle or the like from a 15 minute cross country run where she was only rated middle of the field. She came 19th (out of 33 starters); Zoe came 25th (out of maybe up to the 40 supposed to be in it), so quite creditable. (Gee, just to be able to run is creditable in my book!) Both ran 'better' than their placing at the previous level would have had them seeded, so all good. And I have one of my 'drives' out of the way for this week, and one more bout of motherly spectating to cross off the list.

I still don't understand why just watching can make you so tired, but I fell asleep on the lounge last night - something that is extremely rare for me. Perhaps it has just been a cumulative effect. Too many early mornings?

By the way:

It might be Tuesday here, but it's still Monday in Canada.. just... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH!!!

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Birthdays are good. Birthdays are fun. Thank you T.
Why blog? Well if you are like me then it is a form of therapy....at least that's what I've decided and I'm sure it's cheaper than paying someone to listen to my whinges! Lol!

Congrats to the kids for getting through cross country! It's always exhausting watching it, IMO. When it falls on my work days I always feign sadness but am secretly delighted that I don't have to watch it! Ok, slapping myself on the 'bad mother' wrist now! ;)

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