Tuesday, June 19, 2007


In the mood.

Hmm, not that sort of mood, though perhaps I should find more catalysts to put me in that sort of mood. I am talking (whingeing, whining) about things that put you in a GRUMPY mood.

I can be humming along ok, then suddenly one small thing has happened.. and I realise that an hour later I am still frowning. And stomping around a bit. And it's usually some trivial thing that is so not worth the angst I give myself.

Like what?


The other night I saw a(nother) photo of me that I hated. Do I actually look that horrible in profile? And look at that stomach! I swear I don't look like that when I look in the mirror.. yet captured on film digitally - blech. I realised a bit later I was stomping around in a mood.

Everything the kids don't do that they should be capable of doing. By now.
Clothes not getting put out to wash. Clothes and bath towels and last week's swimming towel under the bed! And I discover it when they aren't around, so I can't get up them there and then. And I get grumpy with myself because I feel like I have totally failed that area of parenthood.

I have a 14 year old who doesn't clean her teeth properly. When that issue comes up - like realising that she hasn't cleaned her teeth before going out, or before going to bed - oh, yes, I feel so cranky and frustrated. (Sometimes you catch sight of her teeth in the day and you know she can't have possibly cleaned them that morning.)

I get grumpy when it takes an hour to get them to bloody bed! (And if I snuck upstairs now, one of them would have a light on still...)

And having to yell out at least a dozen times each morning to wake the 14 year old up! Grrrr! So I start the day grumpy! The same 14 year old who finds any excuse not to go to bed.

And so, yes. .. I also make myself grumpy. By not doing basic household stuff I should. (No wonder my kids are hopeless in that regard.) And when another day has gone by and I haven't done any 'abs' or push-ups at home. My 'homework', so to speak. Then I get cross with myself, and spiral into this vague grumpy mode that takes me through dinner, and getting said children to finally go to bloody bed!

There are lots of things. Inevitably when you're in a mood, if you go out in the car there'll be some wally driving slow, or not getting over near the centre line before turning, or any number of stupid things. I suppose people are doing this sort of stuff all the time, but sometimes you just notice them more than others.

And I could probably go on and on, but I'm lacking imagination on this theme that I've started, so THAT is making me grumpy!

Maybe I should buy this book that I got the picture from! http://www.tomlichtenheld.com/childrens_books/grumpy_book.htm

“Hilarious...sure to cure the grumpiest reader...”

“Guaranteed to remove every pout in sight...”

I wish my kids were still young enough! (and grumpy enough!) to warrant me buying it!


Omg! You are living my life! Ummmm....only I don't exercise anymore :( so maybe you aren't exactly living my life, but ykwim! Lol! And here I was blaming hormones! Humpf! Maybe we are all 'cycling' (in a mother kind of way)! ;)
Get you that book anyway. I have a couple of Dr. Seuss books I bought just for meself. Tell yourself it's for the grandchildren you'll have one day, and it might be out of print before they get here.
Ahem, parenting advice from a 29 yr old single guy coming up so you know it must be good and proper and right:

1. Don't wake Ms 14. If she wants to sleep in, let her. If she gets in trouble for being late to school, so be it. And if she misses the bus or your taxi or whatever, shrug your shoulders and ignore her. 14 is old enough to figure some stuff out on your own and to start acting a bit more maturely. She's not going to have her mother around to wake her up for work is she? Might as well learn consequences of laziness before its too late.

2. Send your kids off in filthy clothes. If they're not going to follow the simple procedure of putting dirty towels and clothes where they should be to be washed, then they can suffer the consequences. Aftera few days of teasing at school they'll soon get the picture.

3. Teeth, download all the bad teeth pictures you can find off the net, print them up and put them where she'll see them.

Sure you'll feel all icky and embarrassed for having filthy kids out in public, but I think they're starting to be old enough to be taught with some tough love.

Serenity now Trace! Serenity now!

My folks did similar things to me and my sisters growing up and we turned out all right didn't we?

I should have my own TV show or something, eat dirt Dr Phil!
Hey Trace - meditate - maybe the book would help - follow Jebus' advice a bit...

I speak but do not always follow the philosophy.

Oh, and knowing my cycle and the proximity to yours, there may be other grump factors at work here.
ooh what Jebus said. He's right- I did that with my kids once. Eventually people at school commented on the odor and they did their clothes. It really works! and as far as I know, no one criticised me for it.

Tho I did get them up. I just *couldn't* let them sleep late. I just couldn't do it.

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