Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Double dose.

Nothing like fitting in a two big sessions of exercise in one day. Another cycle/weights double, but this time at least we had the sense to separate the two by an hour and a half. We set off for a cycle at 9.45... and clocked up 42km - some of it a similar route to the one I do on Saturday mornings. Quite possibly it wasn't the same pace as the community ride, but I wasn't too upset about not having a pack to fall off! And at least my legs weren't as sore as they were last Saturday! Which meant I could push a bit harder up some of the hills. Really I did. I' didn't struggle too much, but had well and truly 'emptied the tank' by the time we finished, and K. - my partner in crime, didn't need much persuasion to collapse, with me, at the nearest cafe for some food and, importantly, a coffee!

I would have been quite happy to have just achieved just that in one day, but as K only has one free day a week, (and I'm a bit light on for other women cycling partners) we do the double. At 1.30 we were backing up for a shared weights session with the trainer... and she could tell we were just a wee bit tired from our riding. alternately praising us for our efforts, and informing us that it was affecting our weights.

It's got to be all good for us. I'm sure. I just hope I can move around the tennis court tomorrow. And given that I'm feeling a touch guilty about all this 'leisure' time, I hope I have the energy to really-truly-ruly-this-time get stuck into some domestics on Friday.

I picked up Ms 11 from the airport this afternoon. All went well, and according to Grandma, the concert was really impressive. It was a Festival of Instrumental Music by combined public schools - a combined primary schools recorder ensemble (which Alison was in - 700 students!)... A Combined Primary schools string ensemble, plus a few other public schools instrumental solos, quartets and ensembles, orchestras and bands. (And they are doing this with different performers on each of three nights!) Gee, I am kind of wishing I'd been able to see it! As predicted she has come home having been 'well looked after'. Like with bags of rock candy.. and yet another stuffed toy.

So that's one adventure over for her... Next one in only a couple of weeks with the trip down to Wollongong (further than Sydney) for the netball State Age. A lot longer travelling time - bus vs plane! Both she and Cait will be travelling down with their respective teams. Marc, Zoe and I will travel separately.. and then leave Zoe for her dose of getting spoilt by Grandma. She can't wait.

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Good on you Tracey. Sounds like a good day and well worthy of the cafe stop with coffee and a mate.
Oh its great that you have a partner in crime for at least one day a week! I think that is wonderful.

Well done on your daughter's efforts, too. Did she get to see the flood effects as she flew over? And nice for grandma to have one on one time also, I bet.

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