Friday, June 01, 2007


Nothing like a bit of spontaneity...

.. and putting your luck in the laps of the cycling gods!

So we got up early, leaving the kids asleep (this is getting to be a bit of a habit..) and got into town in time to ride at 7am, despite Marc tearing his hair out (and me doing a lot of eye rolling) before we left looking for his office/house keys. We ended up leaving without them.. parked the cars at his office, jumped on the tandem, and rode the few k's into the city centre meeting spot with 5 minutes to spare! Phew. Half way there he says 'oops, forgot the pump'.

The 'event' was for local cyclists to support the Tour de Cure riders who were coming through Coffs Harbour on their fundraising for cancer charities Brisbane-Sydney ride. A small contingent of us rode the 10 or so k's to Sawtell and ordered coffee/OJ and eggs on toast at the surf club cafe...overlooking the Pacific Ocean.. not bad huh... and mingled a bit with the Tour de Cure riders, including the local Coffs guy who was riding with them. My attention was a bit diverted by having to make a few phone calls home to make sure kids were up, and getting ready for school.. and soothing over tizzies caused by one shouting out a question while the other was talking to me on the phone.. and the one on the phone getting upset.. .and..... oh boy.. just build a bridge and get over it, hey!! No harm done, we've had another call and I've answered the question about whether to lock the house!!!

Somewhere in that time - I think it was when I went to the loo! - Marc decided it would be a fine idea to ride on further with the Tour de Cure group for a bit. He worked a bit late last night, so, what the hell, he'd go in to the office late. Eh what? errr.. Yes.. I was a bit dubious.. the highway south has a bit of a reputation for spots with no shoulders... and there is much roadwork happening (because they are bypassing a reknowned black spot.) There were only two other guys planning on riding with them, and they were going to go further, so at some point we'd be turning back and riding by ourselves. I did think perhaps we were pushing our luck doing so without the pump!!

Whatever.. this is what I often do... just go with the flow .. his flow.. and things usually turn out less bad than I think they are going to be, and I achieve more than I would have if I'd caved in to my anxieties. So we ended up doing about 66km in all by the time we got back to his office! (And the ride back wasn't so bad after all.)

Spontaneity rulz, ok.

I got home and found that a parcel with most of the cycling clothing order had arrived.. (and I also bought some arm warmers! before I came home from town.) Happy days! Great vest.. I like the vest! The jersey is a 'snug' fit around the tum and hips, but feels so 'noice'... it will be inspiration to do my 'homework' ab exercises.. won't it?

On the way home I detoured into the supermarket (self consciously so because I was in my bike nix and cycling jersey, but I think women can get away with wearing them 'around' moreso than blokes...) - so this has all eaten away half my day... what a shame. I am now home, coffee'd up.. blogged up... and ready to .. um... hit the vacuuming? And make spag bol - the usual Friday meal of late because, oh yes.. just because I did a spontaneous extra 50km on a bike, it doesn't mean I don't have my swimming squad this afternoon!

Now if you think I'm nuts, I'd like you to know that I am in good company... my long distance partner in this rediscovered addiction to exercise endorphins and the 'good sore' that is muscles rediscovering their spent youth. Go Strauss!! I really do think that fortune does tend to favour The Brave, as her blog is so aptly titled. The cycling gods did look kindly upon our spontaneity and cycling fervour today by ensuring we didn't get stranded with a flat tyre! And this persevering with exercise throughout "that time" has meant NO cramping - hooray! - and that has got to be a good thing, oh yes. And the best thing is that you also feel far less guilty imbibing of a bit of 'feel good' chocolate when you've cycled over 100km in two days. [ok.. there was a day in between there...] But believe me, I do so eat chocolate!!

I am also very lucky that I have the time to be able to do this... and we are managing to fit this in around Marc's work, and the kids' commitments. I don't know how I'd be doing it if I was trying to schedule in work as well....

But a bit of housework spontaneity might now be in order... perhaps.. do you think? Or a nice lie down and a power nap, if only I could get a handle on doing those - the sky would be the limit!

[He found his keys... in his work shoes!!! Duh!]

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"He found his keys... in his work shoes!!! Duh!"

Well, of course. That would be the very first place I'd look. After I looked in the toilet tank and under the stove.

Go you and your rides! I can't tell you how much I admire that.

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