Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Here comes the sun.

Then again, maybe not.
Yay, sunshine. It's going to clear. Feels good. Errr... No it's not. It's raining again... Hang on.. here's the sun ... no, more rain..... sun.... rain... sun.... rain...

That was yesterday - and it led to some hope that we'd have blue skies back again shortly. Today the sun has lost interest and buggered off to do something else until the clouds decide to rack off of their own accord. I was woken again in the early hours by a burst of wind throwing rain against the house. There is still rain about on the radar, and the forecast is for showers into the weekend. I guess I had better start feeding wet clothes through the dryer because I'm not going to get the chance to get them dry on the line any time soon. The pool of water under the clothesline has finally disappeared, but guaranteed, as soon as I got any clothes pegged out, down would come another shower of rain. ('Shower' doesn't seem to be quite the right term, because when the rain comes again, it does so in the company of swirly, unpleasant gusts of wind.)

I was kept awake half the night by Marc coughing in the bed beside me, and Alison coughing downstairs. And by being too hot because he needed more blankets on. My husband is crook. As in being a sick boy, which is so not him. He is my Mr Cast Iron Constitution; he never gets sick (unless it's something spectacular like appendicitis with a same day diagnosis/appendectomy - or being admitted to hospital to go on a drip for aggressive antibiotic treatment for a 'red hot knee' (infra patellar bursitis)- both of those more than 10 years ago.) I always complain that when he does it he does it in style, whereas me? - I'm the queen of niggly/headachey/queasy - and so I don't tend to get taken very seriously if I am sick.

He got the achy joints and headache two days ago. He still persevered and went to work yesterday, (the original Mr Soldier On - like the day he had appendicitis) but came home at lunchtime, all shivery and shaky. God knows how he managed to drive himself home - it was quite disconcerting the way he was shivering because he felt so cold- I thought he was going to drop the glass he was drinking from. He obviously had a temperature. I dosed him up with hot soup, and drugs, and sent him to bed, and he slept for a few hours, and had to miss Alison's rep dinner presentation last night... "You've got the flu, darling. The real flu. Headache. Aches and pain. Sore throat. Cough. I think you can call that the flu."

He's not so achy shaky this morning, but still can't ditch the headache. It's the first time I've ever, in our 18 year marriage, had to ring his work to say 'he's not coming in, he's sick'. Even Caitlin commented last night, "I've never seen you sick, Daddy."

I gave Alison the option of staying home, but she didn't want to miss play practice - she has one of the main character roles in the class play. Miss Soldier-On. Must be Dad's genes.

Activities keep being cancelled because of this weather that just won't fine up - plus the affects of the deluge we got the other day. No tennis class for Zoe yesterday afternoon. No tennis for me again today. (Missed it last week as well.) Alison's class excursion to a beach headland/rock platform cancelled yesterday. The school district athletics carnival probably won't be on tomorrow - both Ali and Zoe only had to go for the 800m. I rang up the school to pull Ali out anyway because of her cough. And it's likely the 100 mile ride for Sunday might be postponed as well. I am not that unhappy about that, even though Marc was ranting through chattering teeth yesterday that the weather should be ok by then. I don't know that he will be back running on all cylinders by then.. and we've not been able to do much in the way of lead up preparation, even though I actually made it to my weights class yesterday.

I am hoping that I'm not next in line for this lurgy. So many people have been sick, it's hardly likely that I'll miss out, but I'll keep being positive, and set my antibodies on Alert. And keep willing that sun to come back. I miss it.

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Hmmm - well, its not hidden up here - we had the gale force winds and rain all night with overcast skies today.

I hope hubby gets better soon - and yes, you, take some vitamins!
your winters sound like our winters. your husband sounds like my husband. Here's to feeling better soon! Flu is...sucky, big time. As my kids would say.
I hope you guys aren't getting the flu strain that went around here last winter - it was an absolute shocker. Our entire house hold was sick for two weeks. Mister's class had 7 out of 20 kids one week and 5 out of 20 kids the next week, it seemed everyone got last winters flu.
You stole our rain and flu! Give them back dag nabbit! All this filthy sunshine and evil smiling faces just makes me depressed. Melbourne is not allowed to be this warm this time of year.

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