Tuesday, September 04, 2007


It's raining again.

That's the forecast for the rest of the week. And today was also Windy with showers. It was actually colder during the day than it was during last night! Go figure.

So winter isn't done with us yet. And stupid me didn't Seize the Day yesterday. Yesterday with its balmy spring weather of 26 degrees! Bewdiful weather! OK, a couple of loads of washing on the line. That's it. Shoulda, shoulda, shoulda gone for a ride. Didn't.

Today was your classic miserable, rainy, windy wintery day. So I did your classic, miserable, rainy wintery day thing, and sat inside and watched videos all day. Episode after episode of House. (Which doesn't make you laugh out loud, but you do the odd smirk.)

How lazy is that. Statement.

One of the things that I know improves my state of mind is exercise, so it is pretty bloody stupid when I don't get out there and do any. My only excuse this week, other than sheer lethargy, is that my lower back is a bit niggly still; the perfect excuse for a housework procrastinator. Over the weekend I took Voltaren, which was bloody brilliant. I did my swimming on Friday night, and we rode 50 odd km on Saturday morning, and it didn't hurt. I suppose I could have taken one today so I could vacuum, but funnily enough the drive to do that just wasn't there. I can't decide whether I should rest it till it gets better, or to soldier on through it. It's not bad, but it's just there. Pinched nerve sort of thing, rather than muscular. Frustrating. So I don't know whether to go to the weights class tomorrow or not. It's indoor, and it's exercise. But it's what aggravated my back last week. Bleh.

One of the other things that seems to have improved my state of mind of late is the Evening Primrose Oil capsules. And I've just realised I've been forgetting to take them for a few days now. Perhaps I should take some advice from last post's comments and start getting some Omega-3 into myself as well. It's supposed to help brain function isn't it? - perhaps that is what I need, because lately I just can't focus. I should just cook some damned salmon, but when you have one family member that doesn't eat fish (Caitlin) and another that isn't keen on tinned fish (Marc), it's not a meal ingredient that gets served up much, because I'm damned if I'm going to cook more than one meal per night for the family.

How lazy is that.

Yeah, so it's raining again.

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Raining up here too - which means nothing will get done except what Mr OCD V gets done while I surf...

Sounds like a breakthrough, the EPO stuff - which reminds me, multivits in the cupboard don't really cut it as a lifestyle crutch, do they. Must take one.

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