Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Moon gazing and mood grazing.

A bit of night sky distraction tonight with the lunar eclipse tonight. The last one for us was in 2000, so I'd kind of forgotten what they were all about, although I do recall huddling on our back verandah with the two older girls, who were then both younger than #3 is now. It was a bit later in the evening that time - I have vague memories of waking them up (the older two) so they could see it. Tonight's moon show was a more child-friendly affair - around dinner time - with 'totality' at 8.37pm, so we've been in and out - on every level of the house - numerous times to check on it. We have a perfect view up into the eastern sky, so it's been quite 'specky'.

It was also quite a timely distraction from me continuing on doing my lolly at eldest daughter for being a lazy sod who sits on her arse at the computer, conveniently putting off helping with dinner, and then coming up with all sorts of excuses that involve blaming her sisters for not calling her, or similar. So I have decreed that she be responsible for dinner this Thursday. (And #2 will do it one night next week.) She is complaining of course that she doesn't know how to cook a whole meal - but patently my M.O. so far of getting them to assist here and there with meal preparations has done nothing to teach her how to get a whole meal on the table. I figure I need to throw her in the deep end - and then sit back and watch her swim like buggery. (To coin an Aussie phrase.) Recipe reading time, kiddo. It's going to be interesting.

I am feeling very slightly better this evening, after waking up coughing, and feeling pretty ordinary most of the day. Just experimenting with some added extras just for good measure - like a sort of blocked ear. Marc suggested I go see the dr (for antibiotics), but the memory of getting thrush as a result of the antibiotics I had to take in December is still too fresh. I don't think I could handle that right now on top of the past few days. I haven't been in a particularly good mood all day - vacillating between a mopey sad sack, and a cranky pants. A psychologist would probably have a field day with me right now. I hope it is just the unwellness combined with lack of exercise - and I hope I feel better enough tomorrow to get moving again. I'm starting to realise that me minus endorphins is not a good thing.

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We got up at 2:45 am to take a peek at the moon. I think we missed total "black out" by about 15 minutes. We weren't into staying up for it, and no way was I going to wake us up again to take another gander.
Paul got up twice and had a look out the window. I stayed in bed.

You are a brave woman. I don't know if I could hand over my kitchen. I want details when it's all said and done.

Glad you are recovering.
Clouds were covering ours. :( We went out and scoured the sky to no avail
We had a perfect view from about 7:30 onwards, just a couple of suburbs away from m-m.
Getting your daughters to make a dinner a week is a good idea. It'll help you now and them when they go off into The Big World. However, when Mom taught us, she discovered quickly that we also had to be involved with the grocery list-making, and supervised re: using up all the expensive foods in the house!
(Forewarned is forearmed, they say!)
Good view of the moon - did you take that? We had cloud obscuring ours fairly well.

Good luck on the dinner thing - maybe read a few recipe books with her and let her choose?
Jeanie, no, I nicked it. Don't have a good enough camera, zoom-wise, to take a photo of the moon.

Bad luck to those who missed the moon-show. (2.45 am? Where are you fogspinner?!) Classic that you can have different experiences only a few suburbs apart.

Oh yes, it's the whole meal-deal. The worst part about cooking dinner is deciding what to bloody have in the first place, I reckon. Yes she will probably need some assistance, but, it's time she was made aware just what is involved. Dinner just doesn't magically appear. She may also come to an understanding as to why I get so annoyed at the 'What's for dinner?' question.

Over dinner she said "I think I'll make fried rice. Have you got a recipe?" Yep, I said, I have a recipe. For a proper family meal you'll need something to go with the fried rice though too, you realise?... I told her she had to give me a list of anything that needed buying by Thursday morning.

Hmmmm. She has much to learn.

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