Monday, August 27, 2007


Daze of our Lives

Yes, today I am walking around in a bit of a fog. I'm much much much better than I was. But I feel a bit dizzy, so I guess I haven't quite kicked this flu-virus-whatever thingy I had...have... I had started to (optimistically) think of it in the past tense, but I'm now I'm coughing a bit - presumably just so that I can say I've had a taste of the whole range of symptoms. It's just an annoying nasal-drip induced one that is only serving to make my throat a bit sore. And I'm stuffed up in the nose. And my head feels weird. And every now and then, like yesterday, I'm still getting the occasional slight hot flush, which I can only assume is viral rather than hormonal - even if the monthly hormonal thing is still happening in a very, and literally, draining kind of way. I don't think it is because it is a sensational 'hasta-la-vista winter' day, and I am overdressed here because the inside of the house still feels cool.

As I peered at myself in the mirror earlier, I thought "hmm, I need a haircut... actually... don't I have one tomorrow?" Fortunately by the time I'd come back down two flights of stairs, I actually remembered to check the calendar, and oh! goodness! I do have a haircut appointment. At 11.30 today. Very handy, but lucky I checked, because I'm well and truly off with the pixies.

At 11.30 I rocked up to the house of my hairdresser friend, only to find she had me down for 11.00! Doh! Fortunately she squeezed me in while her next client had to wait for some colour stuff to 'sit' or 'take' or whatever the terminology is. I don't know, I only do the quick, wash 'n wear/no goop kind of haircuts.

I've also realised I left my mobile phone in the car Marc's taken to work. Very smart.

All in all, not bad for half-a-day's work. Can I go back to bed now?

I didn't sleep well last night. The cough had started yesterday evening, and I dosed up with a cough suppressant, and was quite anxious about the possibility of coughing all night. I had fallen asleep though, because I know that I woke with a start as Marc suddenly lurched up, ripping the blankets off me, and then he jumped up and headed for the bathroom. I didn't get much of a response to my query - 'Are you all right... but what the hell?' Seems he had a nightmare and woke up in a sweat, but he then dropped straight back off to sleep. For some reason (probably something along the lines of several days of no exercise - and the fact that my heart was pounding from the sudden awakening) I couldn't get to sleep easily again. Every position felt uncomfortable, and I got up twice to go to the bathroom simply for a distraction. I noticed 2.30 on the clock, so of course then I felt more stressed about how much I wasn't sleeping. I must have dropped off at some point, because I dreamt about having to kick a door in (!! - must be watching too many cop shows - I was one of the goodies of course) - and as I kicked, I woke myself up violently kicking the blankets off with one leg delivering a great big heave.

So no wonder I'm off with the fairies today. Lack of sleep. A cocktail of various medications over the past few days? Who knows. Thrilling stuff this - the soap opera of my life. And not a bicycle in sight.

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Oh man, I hope you are feeling better very very soon - no fun at all.
I'm wondering if in kicking off the blankets you were actually overheated, as in the sweating that comes with this thing? And the dream accommodated the action?

And yeah, the brain cells definitely go when you have the flu. Should have seen how long it took me to do my work program. *eyes roll*
i reckon this bug has done the rounds of the blogs I read in one form or another.
sorry to hear you're another casualty, hope you feel better soon x x x
yuck. Flu AND monthlies? Just YUCK! As my oh-so sensitive father word say "sucks to leak from all ports, don't it." (as if he'd know)
Take it easy, drink orange juice, and milk it for all you can.
Rest, rest, rest.

As a veteran of this flu it sounds like a classic case.

Mine ended up on my chest and I am finishing antibiotics - the flu thing took a full week to lift and then only with the a/b help.

Take very, very good care of yourself.

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