Sunday, November 11, 2007


Action stations.

Have I ever mentioned that my husband is a pretty handy bloke to have around? Probably. It's the main reason I married him. (Kidding... mostly...) It's not just bike repairs and maintenance that he's good at. He'll turn his hand to most things if he has the time for it (it's not rocket science, apparently..) and more often than not he'll come up trumps.

So he pulled apart the non-working vacuum cleaner yesterday (look, I even got a picture of it for you). Apparently he didn't do much to it other than clean some brushes in the motor or some damn thing. He put it back together again, and she works like a bought one.

[He's also pulled apart the toilet cistern (which is leaking) and is, at this minute, off to the hardware store to buy new bits. A man on a mission this weekend - the first we've had at home with nothing on for what feels like all year.]

Me - I have no excuse now not to vacuum... other than my stupid niggly back and general dislike for that job. (But truly, is there anyone out there who actually likes vacuuming? - I suppose pushing it around the open spaces isn't so bad. What really gets to me is having to bend down to get behind and under furniture, and to pick things up to vacuum underneath them. (House needs decluttering? Oh yes.) Then my back starts aching, and combined right now with a left knee that doesn't quite want to bend completely, and you'll understand why I'm sitting here writing about hating vacuuming - and cleaning in general - instead of getting stuck into it...)

However. It's time for Action. This week has to be Official Spring Cleaning/Job Finishing week. Spurred on by my parents arriving to stay a few nights next weekend (though heaven knows, they must be used to me by now..).. and a general self-loathing about my ongoing procrastination in regard to cleaning and the few 'jobs' that I have to do - it's a kick up the backside delivered to self. A call to arms.

Apart from the general overall need to clean the whole house from top to bottom, Mr Fixit keeps badgering me about the curtains I need to hem. They have only been up for a few... years... ... I don't know why he keeps going on about them.

* Note to self and advice to anyone contemplating curtain-making: Never ever hang unhemmed curtains with the idea that you are going to 'let them drop'.


Mr Fixit sounds lovely. Wish I could borrow him for a couple of days.

Why not put off vacuuming Under Things for a Once-A-Month go? That schedule keeps me (more) sane, anyway.
I think I'll buy an expensive bottle of wine and save it for the day you hem those curtains!!!

Paul is great at fixing things too. Men worth keeping.
LOL, elizabeth - when I get them done it will be a cause for celebration. I'll go out and buy an expensive bottle of wine and drink it straight away.

JC... I put off vacuuming Under Things most times. That's the problem!!
Hey there Trace - that is excellent that he fixes stuff!!! Pity about the consequences.

I found sewing stuff gets much better when you get a gaggle of girls around with a few sewing machines and have a working bee environment... Used to do such when I lived in Sydney and we had a few fun "sewing bees".

BTW - I waved in your general direction when I drove through what I think is your neck of the woods on Friday - I came across from Armidale to Coffs then up to Ocean Shores - cannot even begin to imagine riding with all that traffic!
Jeanie! You passed within ONE KILOMETRE of my place! Don't you dare do that next time without letting me know so I can invite you to drop in! Would have been the perfect rest-stop!

*sighs* - unfortunately I don't have a gaggle of girlfriends to sew with. I'm a bit of a solo operator, and all I can do is chip away at 'clearing the runway' so I can do them. I only have.. um...four sets I have to do.

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