Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I love me a feel good story.

It's nice to hear stories like this. A guy accidentally leaves his $600 digital camera in a cab in New York, and the finder and her fiance track him down through clues in the photos he has taken.



wow - we had this happen to us - they tracked us down through the tiny phone number on the ute tray in the very corner of one photo.

Coincidentially - it was very accidentially in the shot as it was Dh's work car.He was taking photos of a fence/narrow driveway because people accused our employee(driver) of damaging their crappy fence with another work car.

Dh went to take photos of the dented fence.The ute was barely in the picture at all.
Dh told them they were scammers but we kept the pictures on the camera as proof later if we needed it.

I lost the camera some time later.That picture helped the people find us.

It was originally a $800 digital camera about worth much less 2 yrs later ...but we were glad of the honesty.

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