Friday, January 25, 2008


Not that I'm judgemental at all...

And I'm not perfect by any means. But, sometimes don't you just roll your eyes and think "Moron" ?

My father has this theory that 80% of the people *out there* are morons... I'd like to think he is rather over-exaggerating (as he does when he gets on a rant), and I like to give the benefit of the doubt, but some days I confess I come over just a wee bit judgemental.

There are also degrees of moronism, of course, and some of the things people do that make me think they are just Stupid could be considered quite subjective (and intolerant) and even. Sometimes it probably depends on the mood I am in at the time.

I could probably make a great big long list of the things people do in cars (maybe I should get the kids to take note every time I swear loudly.) Some things people do in their motor vehicles are just inconsiderate, and some you'd have to put into the category of arsehole. (To use the Australian vernacular.) But I'll leave the car anecdotes for another time.

I'm not sure why this surfaced as my blog topic for today. Maybe it was the mother letting her daughter ride a new (I'm presuming) scooter in the shopping plaza today. The inside shopping mall plaza. Rainy school holiday day crowded. And it was slightly downhill, so naturally the girl was starting to move At Speed. Mum is several metres behind calling out "Be careful!"... Moron!

And maybe it was the parents with the kids in the movies today. Sorry, but as soon as kids start to annoy me, I can't help but get a teensy bit judgemental about the parents. Like when the kid sticks his face in the V between Zoe's and my seat, and just about on my shoulder. Once I'll cope. Let Dad tell him you don't do that. But about three times? Sorry, but if your kid can't do what he's told after being told once, then don't bring him to the movies to annoy other people. And they were noisy. And then the littlest one threw a screaming tanty right at the moment of 'true love's kiss, the most powerful thing in the world.' I know it was a bit of a comedy, but sheesh. Kid too young to be in this sort of movie. Sorry, but I worry about the parents.

Since the girls were able to identify the boy who was roaming the streets (at night) and coming and knocking sharply on our door and running away.. a few times, until Marc snuck out and caught up with him down the lane and gave him a bit of a fright (so the kid identified himself on the school bus by telling Cait her Dad was a psycho... "Ah, so it was YOU!"....) well, obviously I have a very low opinion not only of him, but mainly his parents, because they obviously allow him to be out roaming the streets at night.

If I ever identify the parent/s of the 8 year old boy who nearly wiped himself out on my car last week because he was allowed to ride his bike around the streets with no helmet and brakes that didn't work... well, they'll have a lot of work to do to convince me that they aren't idiots.

This one is probably borderline, but I really don't understand parents who let their kids ride bikes with no shoes. Or just thongs. Zoe heard today that her schoolfriend cut her foot badly on another friend's new bike, requiring stitches. Zoe looked at me, and I looked at her, and she nodded and said "if she was wearing shoes.....".... Enough said.

Speaking of footwear in dangerous situations, my Ultimate Moron Classification goes to anyone I see out mowing their lawn in thongs. (Which is what we call flipflops.. but I still can't shake the awful image of the middleaged bloke with the middleaged spread that I once saw mowing his lawn wearing only speedos.) You've no idea how many people I see mowing their lawn this way. Pushing a machine with spinning blades, this way and that way, and *this* close to unprotected feet?! I hope to hell I haven't just lost myself any friends here... but seriously...

So what do people do that make you think they are morons? Apart from me planning on getting up tomorrow morning at 5am to go riding?
We don't have a lawn but if we did I PROMISE YOU I would not be mowing it in a thong. My butt hasn't been able to take one of those seriously since I had children...
"but I still can't shake the awful image of the middleaged bloke with the middleaged spread that I once saw mowing his lawn wearing only speedos"

Ew - his father lives up here and does the weeding of the front yard.

ha ha to potty mommy - that good old thong misunderstanding.
my hubby comes home regularly with moron stories from the pool...

usually it's a mother who's busy gas bagging with her friend whilst her toddler child is being *looked after* by their older sibling in the water (not much older themselves) and then when a life guard has to rescue the kid and pulls her up on it, she chastises the older child.

this week is was the dad who let his kid climb into a locker and shut the door, then wonders why he's being reprimanded by staff.
Dear me Shishyboo! crazy stuff right there.
This wseek I saw a 50's something man riding his bike, down hill oln a very busy road,dressed in a Steve Irwin-esque ensemble, hands behind his back and a piece of white cotton or a handkercheif cover ing the entirity of his face with only slits cut out for eyes - a very disturbing looking moron indeed.
Oh god. Where do I begin?

As we know I do have a very low tolerance for stupidity, and unfortunately, it is rampant here. Perhaps it is something in the Brisbane water?

One that readily springs to mind is the idiot teenagers down the road who sit on their skateboards and ride down the hill my block of units are on. Given that people come flying over that hill at least once a day, I can imagine that they're going to get seriously hurt or even killed at some point.

Of course, these two kids are from the same family who had a pet bird that escaped from the cage and flew high into the tree. The parents then spent a good couple of hours threatening said bird to get out of the tree.
I'm in stitches over the family "threatening" the bird. Hahahaha!
Hmmm, perhaps I was being too oblique with the 'thong' thing!

Ewww indeed Jeanie!

Can just imagine the other stories your husband would have Shish!

Very very weird tb!!

Careful there Magic.. you'll give me "Cane Toad" ammunition. ;) :p

"Threatening" the bird? Uh huh...As one does, eh....

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