Saturday, January 19, 2008


Good for nothing.

Leave me to my "natural" sleeping devices, and I revert to the teenage-esque habit of staying up till after midnight, and then sleeping in till late morning. Despite being a night owl, my body loves a good 9 hours (or more!) sleep and will take every second of it given half a chance. Carry on doing this for more then a few days, and getting back to a more sensible bed time of, say, 10pm - or even 11pm - gets harder and harder. Because? Not tired enough because I've only been awake for 11 hours and I haven't done anything to make myself tired!

Factor in my usual night time Second Wind phenomenon; the Australian Open (where they are usually still playing after midnight - and I have a sports mad husband who has the tv on watching it and I get sucked in.) And the disappointing weather, which hasn't been conducive to getting out and burning up some energy.. and here I am in a bad, bad body clock cycle/circadian rhythm (or whatever it's called.)

I know, I know. I can hear the choruses of "I should be so lucky" .. to have holiday time to use and abuse like that. Problem is, it's not all it's cracked up to be - if you are as stupid about it as me.

I could probably handle it if my resumption to normal transmission was done sensibly. Like for a school day.

But naturally I have to do it In Style. By getting up at 5 am. After going to bed at nearly midnight. (Tennis was to blame of course - had to see an Aussie gal knock off a seed last night, though thankfully she did it by 11pm.)

Then a downpour of rain woke me at 4 am, and I don't feel like I slept much after that.

Then (grumpily) up at 5. Well.. alarm at 5, and dragging an unwilling body and mind out of bed and into bike gear. Drive into town. 30km ride. Self inflicted I know, but I would have been annoyed with myself if I'd piked it because I would have missed the exercise and the social contact.

So the rest of today I've been good for nothing. Totally pathetic. Too overwhelmingly weary to do anything much bar struggle through the supermarket to pick up some stuff for dinner and some other things; half-heartedly sweep the floor of the shed, and then drag my sorry self upstairs for a Nana Nap. I'd tried coffee, food, and chocolate to no avail. Throw in the red menace, and on top of it I'm inexplicably teary [I thought being over-emotional was supposed to be "Pre" not "During" ??] I've never been good at power naps (usually taking another couple of hours to wake up) so even though I did sleep, and felt vaguely better afterwards, it was no miracle cure.

Marc meanwhile has been industrious and putting me to shame, with his work tools out putting hinges on a new door he bought for the shed. He asked me to paint it, and even after my snooze, I struggled to feel enthusiastic about it. It didn't help that only the other day he was talking about the possibility of knocking the shed down! I also painted and stained so many things over quite a few years when we owner-built a house, and, unlike him, I have totally lost all enthusiasm for such household projects. It's not so much the painting (which I suppose can be quite soothing) but the preparation and cleaning up... .and... ok.. just the painting. I don't know why I feel that way...

He got it ready - I started painting, and when Alison offered to help, I happily handed over the brush and disappeared. (Seems she intended to "help", not do it herself, but there you go. It's good to have slaves...)

Now I'm coming off a post-dinner second wind, so I should seize the .. night... and put myself to bed, and hope that I am less tired, and in a better frame of mind about myself, the world, and everything tomorrow.

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Getting up at 5am TO EXERCISE? You are Crazy, Trace...
If you'd told me a few years ago I'd be doing that I would have told you YOU were crazy!
I hope you got some sleep last night and didn't stay up watching the Hewitt match. If you do you feel today?
I am a night owl too, but never get teh chance to sleep in. I am trying to get to bed before midnight...oh, that leaves me hmmm 6 minutes I see. Good night!
Well, as you know all late night activity here has been curtailed severely.

It sounds to me like you have gotten into a depression cycle (and I speak from experience and having this conversation with V yesterday) and I hope that the early morning exercise will help that out - mind you, the sleep deprivation probably counteracts, darn it all.

Sorry it has rained so much there, too. Sunshine or lack thereof can really affect the holiday blues.

Thank heavens I didn't start watching the Hewitt/Baghdatis match! (I'm not a big fan of Hewitt, so that helped.) Even as I watched the replay last night I kept shaking my head wondering how they were playing still at 4am, and how all the linespersons, ballkids, etc were managing to stay awake and do their job properly.

Slept in a bit again on Sunday, jeanie, too late to do a 9am bike ride! (Go figure) but at least I don't feel as bad as I did on Saturday!

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