Monday, January 21, 2008


Weaning myself off January

.. among other things.

Marc went back to work today, (and naturally there has been more sunshine today than the total of all the days he had off and pencilled in for beach time.) One more week of school holidays. One and a bit actually. Two of the kids start back Wednesday next week, and the other on Thursday. Not like I'm counting down or anything.

Time to start getting back into normal sleep patterns. Time to take stock of uniforms, and school requirements, and new shoes, and haircuts. Etc.

Time for me to get my butt into gear with the housecleaning. Time to get back on track with the exercise (and losing weight) resolutions. Time to flagellate myself some more about not having a job and what I could do. And why it's easier not to work - holiday times being the foremost in my mind.

Time to do much, much website stuff with the netball association website AND the Bicycle User Group website. (Seeing I am such a boon to these organisations, why do I not feel my Skillz are marketable in the 'real' world? - Answer - because I know enough to know how much I don't know!) Yesterday we went to the Bicycle User Group AGM and came away with jobs. Marc ended up as Vice President, and all I could do was laugh.

I'd like to rejig my blog.. but wonder whether it's worth the time and effort. Do I move to Wordpress? Do I buy a domain name? Do I keep crazytrace? (or is that a stupid name?). Do I start over a new leaf, having used this blog as a training ground? Is there any point?

I'd like to redesign the family website, and make a contribution with our crazy type cycling (and canyoning) adventures. We like reading the stories of others, so why not share? Again... is it worth it?

I have a netball committee meeting to go to shortly - and I've spent some time today working towards making myself 'dispensable'. Found a place to host the website instead of my ISP. I am practising biting my tongue over some issues that may arise, but realising that even though I'm "over" the netball committee thing, I still have power issues. (And it's the only way to find out what's going on!)

We still went to bed late last night, and didn't get up that early either, despite Marc having to go into work! (Oh well, he has that sort of job.) I have made some commitments to meeting up with someone to go bike riding at 7 am. Which sounds better than Saturday's 6.30 start, but reality means getting up at 5.30.

I gave the shed door another coat of paint today. I was under instructions from the Boss. Maybe I could get all handywoman again...

Maybe I really am crazy after all.


Oh man, you have many plans. Good on you.
I love your blog, but do whatever feel right with it. Crazy trace isn't a stupid name BTW, it is the name by which we have all come to know and love you by, but I also think of you as Amazing Trace.
Don't to to wordpress, Tracey - I have nightmares getting on to that... (or is that the point?) And a 5.30 start? To exercise? Things are going from bad to worse...
I moved from Blogger to Wordpress awhile back. It was painless and in my opinion, Wordpress has better templates and it easier to fiddle around with. I think the name of your blog is fine!

With the housecleaning- 1 room at a time. I only do 1 room a day, that leaves plenty of time to do what I want, and if I make that room something really brainless, like a bathroom, then I have practically the whole day.
I don't react well to change so you have to remain crazy. You can however change the caps and small letters around is you like.
Clearly you are going crazy from all the thoughts and ideas that are running around in your head, so obviously you do need to keep the name.
I love the name cRaZy tRacE!

"because I know enough to know how much I don't know" - singing my song there.

We go back to school 1 week from today - off for a cycle and fun stuff before I do the housework carp and she tries to see if there is ANYTHING she remembers from Year 3.
Oh Brave One - now you have me singing, "Amazing Trace, how sweet the sound..." (yep...crazy). But thank you... you flatter me much much more than I deserve, but I'll take any compliments I can get and try to live up to them!

PM... Noooo! I don't want nightmares!! This morning was about half an hour better than Saturday.. (we start riding at 6.30 on Saturdays - and get up around 5.00 to have breakfast, get bikes in or on car, and get there. Today start of ride was 7am. Much more civilised.

RT.... it looked painless when you did it, which is why I was considering it. Mind you, you make housecleaning sound logical and painless and it doesn't work out that way for me. (Shall I blame open plan house for being sceptical of the 1 room a day theory - or just sheer laziness?)

OK E. Best I remain crazy. Wouldn't want to make YOU crazy!!

MB - Hmmm, you have a point. I think!

Jeanie! So tell me how to get work with that issue!!

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