Thursday, January 17, 2008


Too much.

Too much rain. Enough is enough! Please! The backyard is soggy. The grass went ballistic while we were away. The paspalum around the clothesline is almost knee high. The front yard is so overgrown the place looks like an unkempt rental. The ground is too soggy to mow. Things are going mouldy. Everything is damp. Marc discovered that the top of the fridge (above the freezer side was rusting because of the condensation caught under the plastic baskets I had there.

Yesterday during the day it didn't rain, and I actually got some clothes dry. Of course those I put out late, and optimistically left out there got wet overnight. I continued my optimism today, as it felt quite warm, albeit muggy, outside. Just a while ago it bucketed down, so I have a line full of well rinsed clothes and sheets. I have left them out. Whoever said I wasn't an optimist.

The sun is now trying to come out, but with the weather forecast being "showers" every day for the next week it feels it will never end. I know, however, that compared to those areas that have flooded I have little to complain about. It's still TOO MUCH!

We spent some of yesterday debating what we should do in regard the long-talked-about house renovations, this being the year we must finally do something about it. Marc suggested that we might be better off knocking the house down and starting again. Given that there is not a lot that is right with the house - from everything that needs repairs, to everything that wasn't built or installed or designed properly in the first place - it makes perfect sense, yet the concept seems more daunting than the prospect of renovating, as impossible as renovating seems given the above reasons! A year ago we paid for a design, but I wasn't happy with everything the building designer came up with, and I maintain my right to be annoyed that he didn't physically come and look at the house and property.

Initially with the idea of starting over I had to fight off what anyone else would probably acknowledge as symptoms of anxiety, but which would not be acknowledgeable or .. understood... around here. I don't know why, but the concept of starting to build a whole new house just seems insurmountable to me right now. Too much! Too much! (I probably really do have psychological problems.)

We talked about collecting plans from various project homes.. and then saw a website for a local design company that offers to come out on site for a complimentary consultation. I like that idea. But guess what? Before we feel we can have anyone come here, we need to clean up... which again, in itself, and to me, seems an insurmountable task. Too much to do! It could take a year in itself!

I've started doing this and that, a bit half-heartedly I confess, given my right arm is just recovering from what was apparently a bout of tendonitis or bursitis from a bout of scrubbing tiled walls at the holiday house last week (after squishing it under me in the sloping holiday house bed.) What with my arm, my back, my knee, and my ankles (which two nights ago staged another inexplicable protest that gradually went during the day but came back with a vengeance last night) - I'm not inclined to break myself bloody cleaning.

Canyoning yes, but cleaning ... ?

[In an attempt to prove that blogging is worthwhile, I've now talked myself into ringing the company anyway - if I give us a deadline, we'll have to do it.]

And in the spirit of 'too much' I still have more photos to sort and upload from Saturday's adventure where we took Zoe down to Wollangambe canyon to 'play'. Where does one strike the balance between recording one's exploits for posterity (and anyone else who might be interested), and achieving other tasks in one's world that should be done lest the house fall down around one's ears, and despite our relative prosperity, the younger two children never get ever their own room.. and... and... and....

[Appointment made! Friday 1st February. 8 am. I now have a cleaning deadline!!]


How exciting. i am looking forward to heaqring about your reno plans. We have booked someone to give us a bit of advice for free about our new place. Our drive way is scarily steep and we would like to rectify that if possible, build a garage and extra room. I am scared to learn of the cost, but interested to see what could be done with our little problem. Good luck.
Aah yes; that life vs blogging balance. I hope to find it one day...
Okay, you are allowed to post the post pictures for posterity and we will cheer from the sidelines!

When does school go back? Do you want my to do list? What sporting achievements can you do deals with the gods on if you get it all done?

Just remember - it is all about REWARDING yourself.

Either that, or leave the children to do it themselves and come north on holiday to escape it!

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