Saturday, January 05, 2008


Some say I've gone wrong somewhere along the line.

We're at Grandma's place. We've had a nice dinner that she has cooked, and then she jumps up and starts rattling dishes around in the kitchen. I make noises about helping, but she tells me to stay at the table.

"I made the mess so I clean it up" she said.

"Yeah, but that kind of sucks, really..." I say... and everyone at the table knew exactly what I meant. Except Ms 9, who starts up as if from a reverie and says:

"But why? That's how it is at home!"

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Oh dear....
Obviously you've trained them oh so well Tracey. Hilarious! :-)

McDonald's beat into me the mantra - Clean as you go and your efforts will show - so when I cook (which is rarely) there's usually bugger-all to clean up afterwards. My housemates love it. God I'm good...
I hate anyone else washing my dishes. And although I'll join in when required, I prefer to sit back when visiting others. I mean you don't know where everything goes once you've dried up anyway. Let me edit that for emphasis...I HATE anyone else washing...
Yeah, I hate visitors washing up for me too.. and I tend to have an agreement with people that whoever is visiting doesn't wash up. I also hate my husband complaining about the mess I make when i cook.. and given he earns all the money, I don't actually mind doing the cooking and washing up. The thing is having a dishwasher means the kids haven't really learnt the old fashioned 'washing up' thing. They have been trained to clear their plates and put them in the dishwasher, but nobody is really capable of stacking the rest of the dishwasher to My Specs. (Thus I particularly hate it when visitors - even my mother - try to stack my dishwasher!!
I had a dishwasher at my parents' place but now I have my own place it's the "old fashioned" way for me. Son and I don't make enough dishes to justify getting a dishwasher.
your kids obviously don't respond to the guilt trip - bugger!

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