Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well duh. I could have told them that.

Some new Australian research has shown that junk food can actually lower stress levels.

See report here. (I swear the piece I heard on the news was a bit longer than this, but anyway... If I find more details I shall report them here!)

What they haven't discovered in their research yet, with their anxious mice, is that the stress and anxiety caused by putting on weight caused by eating junk food in a sub-conscious bid to lower your stress levels actually causes your stress levels to increase, thus inciting a vicious cycle of anxiety, junk food eating, and putting on weight.

Ad nauseum.
You see, I can totally get the fact that feeding my kids junk food might lower my stress levels. Because, a) they would eat it, no questions asked, no arguing, no tears. And b), if they didn't what would I care?

Obviously I don't feed them junk food. But boy, do I get tempted...
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ha ha - I heard this on the radio yesterday also!

Nice little gordonian knot you have weaved right there!
I love these studies. I particularly like the one a few years ago where they "released" a number of thongs (the footwear) into the ocean to see which way the left and the right ones went and where they ended up. Like, are we the taxpayer paying for these studies? *eye rolling*

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