Sunday, February 03, 2008


It's raining, it's pouring...

I don't think we'll be mowing the yard today. (Or for a while.)

Our backyard is prone to .. um... ponding... and I occasionally post photos of it. But I think this is the worst we've had it.

We've had around 140mm (about 5 inches) ** of rain since it started late morning yesterday (Right on the time Marc and I were riding the tandem back from town. Did you know you can get pretty wet riding 23km in pouring rain?)

It's possibly more - the hydrographer in Marc thinks we've had more rain here than in town (where the official rainfall figures are taken) 25 km away. (Personally I think it's time the hydrographer in him acquired a rain gauge for our place.)

I guess I had better start cycling clothes through the dryer.


** Corrected figures because I am a moron. (But at least a moron who was, this time, able to realise her mistake instead of having someone point it out to her.!)

When you look up the stats on the BOM website, the rain is reported as "since 9am"... That's, like, cumulative. So you don't add those figures for each hour since 9am together. Idiot!

It's still quite a lot of rain. Right?


Of course, with this post I had to check our gauge - we have only had 1 inch in sporadic showers and YES Marc should get a gauge!

I think, with puddles like that in the back yard, the only thing to do is go and dance in them!
they've promised a week of thunderstorms and rain over here but no sign of any yet.

is there much risk of flooding your house if it continues?

PS thanks for your calming vibes today and the tip about pressing your tongue onto the roof of your mouth, it helped enormously
Sometimes snow has advantages.
HA HA Elizabeth, I sure reckon!
Honestly, I can't believe how much rain you are all getting over your way, it is enough to make us cry over here in the dry south. Our ponds and creeks are dust bowls and our lawns are brown and dead - it is downright depressing.
That is a lot of rain. I certainly wouldn't live in a basement flat in your area... (Then of course, if I lived in Australia, and not in property la-la-land, I probably wouldn't have to...)
We get rain like that here, in the summer. Our soil is so sandy that puddling rarely happens, tho.
Someone said that we (in Melbourne) need rain in biblical proportions to fill our reservoirs. Pity that it seems to be falling in the north and not here.
Oh, Sweet! We had a friend with a yard like that in Florida- Perfect for SOCCER!!

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