Friday, March 28, 2008


Scratch that.

Scratch Thursday 27th March from the records. I wish it didn't happen, really. I don't know if it was a bona fide migraine I had (always wary of calling a headache a migraine..), or some bug going around, but I woke up with the headache I went to bed with, feeling nauseous with it as well. And then I threw up. All day. (I'm sure I don't need to describe that any further - I mean, once you've got rid of breakfast, what else is there to bring up? But your stomach insists.... errgh.)

The other possible cause was that the headache tablets I took (after one weetbix and an orange juice) impacted like they did once before when I took them on an empty stomach. (That time being the morning after Miscmum's wedding! (Before she was a misc mum!) That time mixing my drinks was the inevitable cause of the headache, but I swear to you this time that there was absolutely no alcohol involved at all. I suppose there are other things in my life that cause me to get headaches, but nothing stood out from Wednesday other than that I got what I felt was a hunger-induced headache by lunchtime because I avoided eating too much during my easy bike ride thinking I always eat TOO much and no wonder I'm not losing any weight.)

Whatever the cause, anyway... holy hell. It. Was. Not. Fun.

(And it will be a while before I can face orange juice again; it was my favourite breakfast time beverage.)

I rang the Daddy around lunchtime - he would need to come home from work, because there was no way in the world I could do the after school stuff. Fantastic timing .. not. He had lots to prepare before heading off today to Brisbane for a Touch Football tournament, followed by 3 days work in their Brisbane office.

Somehow he managed to get home by about 2.00, but then I could barely talk to him without it making me feel even more nauseous. OMG, why didn't he just know what had to be done? Couldn't he mindread? Or just muddle through without having to ask me every little detail? Just because he's usually at work and doesn't know all the tos and fros and ifs and buts that happen around here every afternoon. (If nothing else it did make me realise that there is a fair bit of stuff that I organise and coordinate.. See! I DO do something after all... It's really just the cleaning I'm crap at.)

All day, as I lay there trying to keep as still as possible, my brain had kept clattering away like the hard drive on my computer...(when the virus scan is running - heh.) It hurt. Why couldn't I just turn it off? And oh how I wished he could have just plugged a USB drive in somewhere, downloaded all he needed to know, and then disappeared. (I suppose that would have hurt my head too..) Talking. How we take it for granted, till it's hard to do so... And normally if I was going AWOL from my SAHM duties, I would have written a list.

It couldn't even be a 'normal' afternoon could it. There were added extras in there to make things more complicated. He had to go up to the high school to drop off Ms 12s forgotten flute and recorder for band .. which is after school - and the only reason we didn't make her suffer the consequences was that we pay for the damn lesson!). He was then going to have to take Cait and Zoe to netball - where Cait coaches her junior team, and I usually stay as supervisor, zapping off to pick Alison up at 5.00 and then returning to help pack up.

So.. What and where was Alison's flute and recorder stuff? I probably could have figured it out, but there was no way in the world I could get up from the bed to look for it, let alone attempt to describe it. He managed to talk to her at school via Cait's mobile to find out what to bring. But then he tried to ask me where he should take it, and all I could manage was 'you'll just have to figure it out...' and give a vague three-word sentence direction as to where the school office was. (while thinking "God, why didn't you ask them that on the phone as well?!) He headed there in time for the end of school, so I suggested he bring Cait home instead of her taking longer on the bus.

So while he is gone I hear rain. Heavy rain. (Rain = impact on netball training.) And no sound of them getting home. (I hear her normal bus, but not them... I find out today they went to look at the beach! And then waited for Zoe's bus - which had already been!)

The phone rings, and I suppose I should answer it in case it is them, but it is already one of the mothers ringing to see if training is on. More talking I didn't need. I tell her Cait will ring as soon as she is home, and then, once she is home, I manage to tell her she'll have to make the call about the rain, then ring everyone. And hope that Dad supervises that well enough. (I would have been making sure they all knew when the game was on Saturday, etc.. like the good mummy manager that I am...)

Saved from the hour of netball, he still has to dive out again to pick up Alison, during which time the heavens really opened. (Good call on the netball). Fortunately it had eased by the time he went out yet again to get pizza. Thank god he had figured by now that I was in no position to suggest something for dinner. (He has been known to ask in these sort of circumstances, but even he could see that this was one of the worst conditions he has seen me in!)

The full-on nausea finally eased by around 7pm.. and I managed a shower, and gingerly came downstairs. Errgh. You don't realise how much pizza smells until you don't have any and your senses are recoiling!

Today the headache had mostly gone, but not quite, and in desperation I went to the chiropractor. "I need a $48 headache cure" I said. The thing is, I used to get nausea headaches (migraine-type I suppose - I was once prescribed migraine medication), which used to reduce me to uselessness - but they have never happened on such a scale since I'd started getting chiropractice treatment for my back - a side effect I had noted and very much appreciated. So I don't know what went awry this week. I feel a bit better for the neck adjustment, but still very fragile today.. Giving swimming a miss, and probably even the morning bike ride I was planning to do tomorrow.

Two silver linings. Two! One is that I stepped on the scales before the shower last night, and I'd dropped about 1 kg since.. meh.. before Easter. Can a day of throwing up have an impact that quickly? This morning the same. Given I felt like a blimp over Easter, it's hard not to immediately point to a day of starvation (and emptying of one's stomach contents) as the cause.

The second? I haven't touched any chocolate for two days!

One must be thankful for small mercies. Maybe I'll keep the day on the records after all. As long as I don't get another one like it anytime soon.


Oh, you had my yesterday with extras!

I really, really, really can empathise.

I ended up finding something with some codeine in which eventually helped.
I was actually thinking of you Jeanie, knowing you get hit with the dreaded migraines all too often.

I usually do need the codeine with any bad headaches (usually paracetemol on its own is useless)- but I'm a bit worried that it was the codeine plus almost empty stomach that caused the throwing up again.
Sorry lovie :(

I had a headache the other night. codeine and coffee fixed it right up. I really need a total body detox!
*hugs* More sympathy here. I've never woken with a migraine, mine usually work up from a headache during the day to a migraine by evening. And the nausea is usually gone by the next day. Sounds like you had it BAD.

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