Monday, April 28, 2008


Round, round wheels going round, round, round...

Some shots of our cycling weekend! [And a couple of videos of us riding the tandem and triplet as well!]

Tracey and Ali

Tracey and Ali

Stealth triple.

Thanks to another BUG member who has been having some fun with the movie option on his digital camera, we've now also got a record of us in motion!

It is actually quite interesting being able to see ourselves in motion. Already we are doing quite a critique of riding styles.. For instance, Alison's seat is too high, as she's swinging her hips too much.. and it looks as if I am sitting too far back... Marc says he doesn't notice it in 'real life', but watching it here you can maybe see it more clearly. (I've never felt quite right on the front of that tandem.. maybe that's why...)


Oh I love that picture of the 3 of you!
Soon, soon the weather will be nice enough for me to go riding.

You inspire me.
Great pictures... I enjoyed the movie.
cool! The videos are a nice touch.

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