Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Tracey's next crazy adventure plan

"Hey kids, what do you reckon about trying cross country skiing?"

I delve through the photo albums from 'the old days'.. (aka "B.C.")
Reckon this one will convince them it's fun?!

Hey, it's ok.. Dad was just trying to be clever.. trying to do telemark turns.

Plus when you get away from the groomed downhill slopes, the snow can be soft and powdery, and it doesn't hurt when you fall!

See, look - Mum is upright here - though that's not cross country skiing in action.. I'm just standing there for the photo....

Actually, you went when you were a baby, Cait! -

You loved it.. you wanted Daddy to go faster!

The thing about cross country skiing is the chance to get away from the crowds. Bushwalking on skis they call it. It's hard work, using all the major muscle groups, but once you've mastered the *swish swish* of the technique, it's very satisfying gliding along... and getting to enjoy the amazing scenery of the Snowy Mountains in winter.

While I suppose (if I manage to pull off this crazy idea of getting down to the snow in the July school holidays) we won't manage to get off the groomed trails and into the back country, hopefully the girls will enjoy the experience enough to want to do it again.

Accommodation... ski hire... appropriate clothing... As usual I am biting off more than I can chew...


Fabulous shots Tracey. I woudl love to do that with the kids too.
Oh wow that looks awesome!
I've only been to the snow once, and it was more ice than snow. I love rollerblading though, I've heard it's similar to skiing? Though nothing like cross country skiing, I imagine.
Hope you make it - sounds fantastic :)
Brrrrrr! The one time I went to the snow, I froze my booties off!

And why does that last picture look like the nose of a humpback whale? See, I am truly a beach person! Lol!

Hope it all works out well.
You're right brissiemum! It does look like a whale!
I had a miserable time at the snow the one time I went as a kid. It's all in the clothing and the gear. The clothes I had then were woeful, thus I got cold and ended up sitting in the car.

When we took the girls for one day of downhill skiing a few years back we hired their clothes, and made sure they had woollen socks and the like. XC skiing will be slightly more difficult, but you start with the thermal underwear, and then work with layers, such as polar fleece, and topped with a goretex jacket. (Which they don't have, but we'd be able to hire them.) Plus buy them the right sort of gloves, and I'd even consider buying them thermal socks. You can't take shortcuts with it...

Alison, you'd probably have a bit of a headstart balance-wise if you can rollerblade.. not nearly as wobbly! The action is a bit different though. (It'd take me a bit to remember how to do it!)

So great to see you back online tb!
Tracey, you know I'm a ski nut but... why am I not surprised you want to go XC? You know, the one where you have to work REALLY HARD?
Give me downhill on a nicely groomed red piste any day of the week - please!

(And yes, I definitely advise spending money on the socks. Nothing will put a child off more quickly than cold toes...)
Yeah, potty mummy, you have to work a bit, but then you get the benefits of no people in the way! No waiting, waiting, waiting in queues for ski lifts! (I don't know what it's like in Europe, but school holidays especially in the Australian snowfields are shockers!) And frankly, it isn't quite as terrifying as suddenly finding yourself on the top of a slope that you're too scared to go down!!
And that feeling of cutting across powdered snow that noone else has skied on! Priceless!

I guess I am just the bushwalker type that loves nothing more than to get away from other people and into nature for hours at a time!
I admire your outdoorsy-ness. I think between the 2 of us, with my compulsive housekeeping and your ability to avoid it by riding a bike 1000km every morning, we'd make 1 normal person. Keep writing about it, I'll exercise vicariously.

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