Friday, April 18, 2008


Chicken burgers and Wascally wabbits

We kind of went out last night, Marc and I, if you consider a BUG (Bicycle User Group) meeting followed by a casual meal at a local Thai restaurant/cafe "going out". I left the kids at home babysitting themselves. The biggest sister is almost 15 now, so we're at the point where we can do this sort of thing.

I even left them to cook their own dinner. We have a bit of a running family joke here; whenever I sigh and say "what shall I get for dinner?" they always, always say "Chicken burgers". They think this is funny. (I occasionally accommodate them when Marc is away... but when he's home I usually aim for a more 'wholesome' ..errr... balanced... well, normal family meal.) So yesterday when it was a case of deciding what to get just them for dinner, naturally I bought them chicken burgers (the makings thereof) and left them to it... with instructions about cleaning up, and bedtime.

The meeting dragged on, but the Thai was yum... and it felt kind of nice to have a meal out. We arrived home, in separate cars, as Marc was already in town for work, around 10.00. And there were two rabbits in our driveway!

They hopped out of the way...and we got out of the cars, shaking our heads... Not something we usually see around here.

Cait opened the door .. and we said "There were rabbits in the driveway!!"

Nothing like the raised eyebrows of your teenage daughter in a kind of role reversal scenario. Well, what we envisage as a role reversal scenario down the track a bit.

"Yep, sure guys.... have you been drinking?"


What a great way to end the night. That's hilarious!
The roles are often reversed in this house and that children are only toddlers.
Oh sure there were rabbits in the driveway!

What was that Thai laced with, huh?


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