Thursday, April 17, 2008


Welcome to the House of Sloth

Pick your analogy. It's one extreme to the other round here. I have a real Jekyll and Hyde thing going on with my level of activity. Dr Sporty over the weekend, Mrs Sloth the rest of this week. Get the picture?

I have done nothing, nada, nought, ZERO exercise Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today. School holidays where we have nothing planned seem to do that to me. No swimming class. Kids flopping around sleeping in - they seem to have it too... (And the weather isn't helping... it's been windy all week, and today it's rained as well...)

And don't think I've been filling the void with housework, which at least might burn a few calories! God no.. not housework... I'm in too much of a funk to get stuck into the housework.

I have been having a crappy time with my new glasses lenses. It seems I am of the small percentage that don't take well to these fangle-dangle multi-focal lenses. One of a small percentage that are hypersensitive to the weird peripheral blurr that happens when you actually MOVE YOUR HEAD! (Basically, my brain is saying 'nup, I can't process this shit'. ) Apparently some take to it immediately. Most adjust. But some just never cope.

I had persevered for a week - a headache inducing, and thus depression inducing week which was thankfully offset a bit by my hyperactive weekend which took me away from the computer or any need to wear specs. I went back into the optometrist yesterday; the optometry assistant tweaked the angle of my frames, or something, which has actually helped slightly.. but I had to go back in early today to catch the optometrist.

"What was wrong with my old prescription?" I wailed. "No good anymore. You're getting older, your eyes are changing.... your eyes are not the same as they were 5 years ago. You need separate prescriptions for reading and longer distance (like the computer monitor) and if we don't use this multi-focal technology, you'll be needing different glasses for different things." I mean, I just went for a check-up, not because I was experiencing any problems....

He put my old prescription of lenses in to the testing frames. I slumped, deflated.... he is right.. not optimum vision any more. But what is the solution? He decided to order single focal lenses as back ups, and meanwhile I keep persevering while I wait (and keeping my head really still at the computer.) If it's still bad by next week, we go back to them, and try the multi-focals again later.

Gotta just love being told how old you're getting ... and how it's only going to get worse.

Throw in the fact that it appears to be Fragile Week anyway.. the Feel Like Crying For No Reason but also Ready to Bite Someone's Head Off at the Same Time Week. Sponsored by the spectacle scenario above, and the fact that I probably shouldn't have been forgetting to take those Evening Primrose Oil capsules because I think they actually DO WORK after all....

And how many times have I concluded that Exercise Endorphins are the best drug for an emotionally prone and patently hormonal nutcase, yet the very nature of the emotional chasm you have fallen into means that you don't have the wherewithall to get yourself out and moving??

How can one woman go from full-on (and loving it) to zilch in the space of one night's sleep?

AND. This cross country skiing idea? It's a bit of a yes we can/no it's a stupid bloody idea rollercoaster. But I won't go into that right now.. because it might make me cry. again...


You're getting me worried now. I have always been short sighted and the last time I got my eyes tested there was no need for a change in prescription. But come to think of it that would be at least five years ago. And in the last year or two I've noticed I've become one of those people who have to hold a book at arm's length instead of up close.
hope you are feeling better soon Tracey.
Oh Trace - I noticed my script got a lot stronger.

I recall when my uncle got multi-focus things, they gave him quite full on instructions as to breaking himself in to wearing them and using them properly.

Changing glasses isn't so bad so long as they are not needed in the same movement - you wouldn't need tinting in the computer ones, at least!

Take the EPO capsules (said the kettle)!!!

And hugs.
The old thing - it stinks. We are not old, Tracey. We are just... just... dammit, we are not young any more. I'll say it again. It stinks.
Sometimes I'll go 3 or 4 days where I do a 30 minute workout in the morning, and gosh I feel so virtuous! Then, it's 2 weeks without anything before I realize I haven't done it. If it weren't so far to there, I'd come clean your house and you could exercise for me.

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