Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Some kids will do anything for icecream.

Either that or emptying the contents of my angsty brain into a blog post has the power to influence my darling children after all!

Last night Ms Nearly 15 was reading my last post, and was most affronted.

"You haven't blogged about Zoe and me!!"

"I know, I know... I will tomorrow. I have Twittered it though!"

So! Just so you know, Internets! ...


(And to be fair, #2 was doing 2 hours of rep netball training at the same time.)

Around 4.00 yesterday afternoon Cait said that she might go for another jog.


"Why don't you take Zoe" I said. "She needs to do some jogging before the school cross country, and I can't run."



"Zoe! Get your joggers on. We're going for a run."

(Wow... I wish I had that sort of influence!)

She raided the money jar, but I wasn't going to argue. I thought they were only going to go to the headland, and come back to our local shop, and if they did that they could buy something.

But they went all the way to the next beachside town! For an icecream.

As you do.

I just plotted it on bikely/google earth...

That was a 5.5km return trip! and they jogged most of the way!

The creek (that I got my feet wet in the other weekend) was also still flowing out so Cait took her shoes and socks off, and piggybacked her sister across!

And she rang me, twice, on the way back to let me know where they were. As it was getting dark, and I might have been wondering where they were.

Am I impressed?

Yes, yes, and YES!

Now I am going to have to do something today to keep up appearances. I was still a bit sore yesterday and didn't get round to doing anything.

I have just dropped Zoe at a friend's place at that next town.. and told her that either her sister or I would walk/jog to pick her up!

Maybe it should be me!

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That is very, very impressive!
Wow - I too am impressed! Good on your girls for proving you wrong.

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