Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Reporting to you....

... from my old home in Sydney. We have three nights here at my parents' place - a chance to regroup and reorganise for our snowy mountains escapade. Three nights in a squishy double (ie. not queen size) bed (and how DID I live here for that many years of my childhood?!!It's so bloody cold even on a reasonably fine winter day - and the gravity feed hot water system means not much water pressure in the shower - and *sighs*.....there's no place like home really, is there? Why DO we travel? Home isn't here anymore, unfortunately.

The girls had a successful netball competition, coming 9th and 10th, respectively, in their age division which was within Division 2 (out of 3 divisions.) For each this was out of about 25 teams, a pretty impressive result - particulary for Ali's team from our tiny little netball association!
They played on alternate timeslots across the three days, so we had our work cut out getting from one court to another, and it was pretty much impossible to watch everything of every game, even without going to the toilet and buying coffee! I wore a pedometer each day, for interest's sakes, and I clocked up almost 10km each day!

The girls have seen their cousins today, and Marc and I have been out shopping. We've bought a roof pod for the car - something we've been intending to do for a while - and the purchase at this particular point in time will rescue us from a bit of stress over all the extra baggage we have on this trip because of all the now unneeded netball gear.

A few last minute clothing items required for our snow trip, and we're heading off on Thursday, hitting the snow on Friday. We have our now antique, I am assuming - because they are 20 years old - cross country skis, stocks and boots, with us, and we'll hire all that stuff for the girls. They have had some snow in the past week or so, and more is forecast for this week, so hopefully it will all be just riiiight for when we get there.

And so that's the news from me for now. Better get up and set the table.. No internet access, really, between now and getting home, so I'll be back in just over a week!
Enjoy the snow!!! Staying with your parents is not meant to be comfortable, I think - that way they can ensure you are not going to outstay your welcome!!!
Have a great trip. Not that I'm jealous or anything. And when you get back with no mishaps I may tell you what happened when a friend of mine used an old pair of ski boots for the first time in 15 years... (It involved cold feet).
You're not jealous, PM! Remember it's cross country skiing we're doing. We have packed the sno-seal for our old leather boots... you've just reminded me to actually do something about it tonight!

Jeanie, my sister, husband and two young kids (at the time) lived with them for 5 months while they were looking for a house to buy. No danger of me going anything close to that. I wouldn't cope with 5 days!!!

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