Thursday, October 12, 2006


A good excuse for being crappy?

In early August I had a polyp removed from my cervix. Among other symptoms, my period had been a bit erratic.. and erring on the side of coming early - like every 3 weeks or thereabouts. I don't know if that particular part was related to the polyp (seems I also have a uterine fibroid, and an ovarian cyst, which will be checked up on again in a couple of week's time.)

But now I've gone to the other extreme. This time I've been at least 2 weeks overdue, till it finally started properly today. (I've recorded the dates (for the gyno) but they are in a notebook upstairs... but it's at least 2 weeks,I'm sure.) Thankfully I'm not too peturbed about the usual reason for being late. (Think in the last 7 years we've been able to prove that his contribution to permanent contraception for us has worked...)... But I've been wondering if the prolonged build up has, in a PMS-y kind of way, contributed to my general feeling of crappiness over the past few weeks. Because I've been feeling pretty crappy over the past few weeks.

Bummer of a trade off, really. What woman wouldn't choose a 6 week cycle over a 3 week one? But, apart from the uncertainty factor (I've been convinced it was just about to start for at least a week)... I'm not sure I'd choose to feel this PMS-y sort of stuff for this duration on a regular basis.

That's supposing my theory is correct. Maybe I really just do have some general depressive tendencies. Not sure whether close personal introspection over the next couple of weeks will count as an valid statistical sample, but it will be interesting to see if I get over myself for a little while.

And I will duly take note, and cross examine the gynaeocologist at my next appointment in a month's time. Normal? Early menopause? Or I'm just losing my mind?

Meantime, it'd be good to get these next couple of annoying days over and done with. Blokes just have no idea what it means to put up with all this stuff.... (And to think I used to think that PMS was just a furphy... )

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