Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Struggling a bit.

It was a bit easier after Rattles died.. there was still Rags here.

Now the yard is empty. But there are the dog beds, the water bucket, the food dishes... the bone she didn't touch when she was 'off' on Sunday. The food container for all the leftovers... what do I do with all the crusts, and left over rice, pasta, etc etc, now?

She was only a dog, and she was a bit of an aloof sod .. but we still loved her. 15 years.

Have had a few tears today. It's going to take me a while to get used to it.

While we were waiting at the vets last night, Alison said she was going to miss not having a dog around. In other words 'are we going to get another dog?'.

That's a difficult one. Emotionally you want to. Practically it'd be a whole lot easier without. Easy to go away - weekends, longer holidays. Never mind all the training issues... barking, etc etc.

I said we'd wait till after xmas and see.

So meanwhile, apart from getting some washing on the line, and Alison going round to play at one of her friend's places, and Zoe having a friend round, and chatting to friend's mum for a while... having another slack day. But I suppose it doesn't really matter. I haven't had it in me to nag Caitlin for being a lazy sod ... but in between sleeping in, and sitting on the computer, and still being in her pjs at 1.30pm, she made some egg and bacon tarts for lunch. And is recording the last two episodes of Dr Who for a friend (so we are having another Dr Who fest)...

I'll go to the supermarket when I drop Zoe's friend home. And dream up something for dinner.

So sorry to hear Trace. Now I'm crying. I'm glad you were there...I said goodbye to my dog in the morning before going to work in December and when I discovered that my grandparents didn't go in in I just felt even worse and so guilty..."should have been there"...miss her terribly still even though my new pup is so wonderful. *HUGS again and grabs some tissues*
*still thinking of you*
It took me over a year to get another dog. You certainly need to grieve for a pet like anyone you're fond of. I'm glad that Alison was there for you both. You really are a team, not just on the tandem.
*big hugs again*
Thanks guys.. I know we're not alone.. Such a damn shame our pets have such short life spans...

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