Thursday, November 23, 2006


As the days go by...

I've achieved a few things this week. A few more things crossed off the list.. only the list remains static as inevitably new Things That Must Be Done are added to it. It will blow out when I finally turn my attention to The Christmas Plans... however I've been avoiding that particular issue all week, and might just wait till at least Sunday before getting all hot and bothered about it.

The girls are starting to count down till end of year excursions and camps. (Cait to Dreamworld; Alison to a school camp for 5 days.) When Cait mentions how many days till Christmas I block it out. Don't want to know yet.

Meantime. This week. Cargo barrier. Tick! (No more Bob sagas...) 5 new tyres for Landcruiser. Tick! (Big bucks on credit card. Tick!) Helped at school library. Tick. Haircut. Tick. Line up friend (whose daughter is in Zoe's ballet class) to do Zoe's makeup and hair for me* for dress rehearsal this weekend. Tick.

Neighbour who lives diagonally behind us (and next to the vacant block that is directly behind us) called around tonight to tell me that a branch from a big gum tree along our back fence had broken off and fallen into the vacant block. (A bit close to his fence.) New list item: arrange for tree lopper to come round, cut it up and cart away, as well as pruning other branches. More expenses for this week. Tick.

Marc reminded me tonight about getting the rego check on the cruiser. Oops. Forgot that was the reason behind the big rush on the tyres. Better write that on the list for tomorrow.

Other jobs for next few days:

That thing on the list I keep ignoring and putting off till "tomorrow". The 'clean this house' item. Yeah, that one.

Zoe's ballet dress rehearsal.

Work on stiff upper lip. As forecast, his return home has been delayed till midweek - which means not getting home till Thursday - which is one whole week away still. Not too happy about that one.


* A ballet mum I am not. I've just managed with hair and make up in the past, but she is at a bigger studio, and the hair and makeup instructions were just a bit daunting for me. (Brown eyeshadow with white highlights. Eyeliner. Meh... I can't even put eyeliner on myself. I fail Ballet Mum 101. Lucky I'm friends enough with another mum now to be ok about being hopeless and asking for help! )

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