Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Crossing things off...

My self indulgent exercise:

* Now Thursday. Tick, tick, tick. (That's the clock.. not me ticking things off the list... well, I am slowly ticking things off the list.. but like Libby says in comments.. I'm sitting here doing a bit of a Rimmer....!)

* Now Friday... one minute I think I'm on top of things, the next I think there aren't enough hours in the day. Having coughing fits... I hope this means I am getting rid of all the gunk.

mow the yard
vacuum the house - downstairs, stairs, middle floor, top floor. (no wonder I'm insane - 3 floors!)* skip the top floor...
change/wash sheets on all beds - our bed, girls' beds
several just a few more laundry loads
cross fingers it doesn't rain (though now the sun's come out, so I'm probably safe for the sheet drying!- phew!)
Friday - it's drizzly.. bugger! Means the washing has to cycle through the dryer...
make mini xmas cakes
post birthday present to nephew
sort lilos/air mattresses (for canyoning...)
finalise present shopping
write a packing list for girls (and supervise packing)
write a packing list for me (including food/condiments, sheets/towels for holiday house)
get girls to stop slothing/fighting/saying 'it's not my turn to do that' and HELP ... for god's sake - and stop having stupid arguments about who is allowed to borrow whose CDs or books.... *Impossible*
stop eating bloody shortbreads (leftovers from Ali's homemade batch) (easy - just ate the rest..!)
wash car/vacuum * forget it
sort someone to collect our mail
do the actual packing !
get through kids' Touch Wednesday afternoon..
3 x swimming squad classes on Friday afternoon.
return late library books *tried, but the library was closed and the book chute was full
buy more cough medicine

I am happy I got the mowing done.. it was bothering me. Couldn't afford to leave it, in case it rained.

Of course there are all the other things:

easy meals for Wed, Thurs (bought Chinese), Fri
ring Hi Fi store that is en route to Sydney to see if they still have stock of dvd recorder on special (present for Marc's mum) * still more than 20 left.. cross fingers there'll still be some on Saturday..
ring again Friday * rang and he's keeping one for me. Legend.
buy another lilo, and cheap wetsuit for Cait (for canyoning)
girls to finish mug decoration for the presents for their aunty plus her friend
bake said mugs - 24 hours later...
girls to 'disappear' all the books, textbooks, paper etc they brought home from school
girls to take truckloads of STUFF upstairs...

wrap presents * mostly done.
finish cards for relos
get over this cough...
read the riot act about the MESS in their room

I seem to have added more than I have crossed off... :(

This is very indulgent.. but believe it or not it's actually helping me get it in persective. Love my little strike out html code. What a geek.


Oh man, I have a love/hate relationship with lists. One for work, one for home, grocery, the end of the week I'm so sick of lists. They just get longer and longer no matter what we do.
Like Rimmer in Red Dwarf you can become so obsessed with lists that you spend all your time preparing them and never actually do anything on them. I always enjoy a good list, one of my favourite diary entries is a timetable of things to do. Somehow the same things always end off not being crossed off.
I can tell you one thing that is unlikely to ever get crossed off that list:

get girls to stop slothing/fighting/saying 'it's not my turn to do that' and HELP ... for god's sake

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