Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Oh the angst...

Each year about the time that I finally get stuck into 'creating' the one 'tradition' I do at this time of year (ie. the photo of the girls, and then the 'blurb') I usually read some article or blog post or comments on blog posts that slam them as self centred, pukey, obsessive pieces.

So I 'angst' about it for a while, but then I usually still do them and send them out because a) at least some friends and family seem to like them... b) I enjoy a well-written 'year that was' blurb from others.... and c) I am a spoilt brat who has the time to do them because I don't work (and like any excuse to avoid housework.)

Some detractors comment that 'if you haven't seen these people during the year then what's the point?'.. and criticise the yearly christmas card list review and cull. The "Stuff them, they haven't sent me anything for a few years." sort of thing.

I have debated this within myself a few times, and each time I've come out the other end deciding that, through life, you accumulate a lot of friends.. and it's just not possible to hook up with them in a meaningful way every year, particularly when you tend to be geographically far-flung. But there are always some that you can not see for years, and then find you can chat, chat, chat as if it was only 10 weeks and not 10 years since you last spoke!

So if Christmas means nothing else to me, it does mean letting people know that they're not forgotten. I had, at one point, a great poem that summed this up, but blowed if I can find it right at this minute.

I live in hope that others don't mind reading our news, and are maybe inspired to send me their news. And I try not to be too pukey and self-obsessed.

Last year in my xmas letter I made a 'toast' to catching up with 'old friends' in the new year; and stuff me if it didn't happen. This year has been quite remarkable in the number of old friends we have had the enjoyment of catching up with.

So I shall remain strong, and keep on doing what I do. And keep on making my toast 'Here's to catching up with new and old friends in the coming year.'

I also do it for myself, because, self-centredly, yes, I love to read back on my 'yearly summaries'. It's amazing how you forget what you did, what the girls were up to, what you did, and what you were aiming to do in the following year.

Pixie referred (in the comments here) to our 2004 chrissy photo as her favourite.. so I thought I'd share the last few years of our photos since I was capable of putting them on a webpage. Reverse chronological order. You can see the progression of graphics abilities... with variations in inspiration. And it's a chance to rejoice in our gorgeous girls - a nice change from my usual grumblings and whingeing about them!

This one for 2003 said 'Wishing you a magical Christmas...':

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Love your photos!
Keep up with the family updates, I don't think they're selfindulgent (and anyway if you don't blow your own trumpet, no-one else will!), it's the only way most of my extended family know what we're up to in the West.
Love them all, but 2004 is still my favourite. :)
I love the photos. I like seeing the changes in the girls each year. They grow so quickly. It looks so warm and bright. *grin*

Got a "Christmas Letter" in the mail yesterday from England. I enjoy the catching up.
My favorite is the 2005 one. I like your greeting on the 2006 one, but the photo in the 2005 one is priceless.

Gosh. You put me to shame. I don't even do the store-bought boxed kind of cards.

Between your awesome cards and Rootietoot's lips and wigs and such.. I'm a huge slacker.

Now I'm off to find the martha stewart page so I can redeem myself.
Thanks fracas... you've no idea the angst that went into taking the 2005 photo! - one wanted them all to be buried, the younger two didn't want to be buried... And my husband didn't 'get' the sandman/snowman thing...!!! Duh!

The bike riding is the most topical thing for our family this year, so most friends and family will 'get' it!!

You know, as I've said, this is my peculiar 'thing' i do for christmas. Otherwise.. we have no tree or decorations up (and seeing we are going away, I'm struggling to even want to!)

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