Thursday, December 14, 2006


Think I'll go and eat worms...

A school P & C fundraiser recipe book finally came home today (I sent my $10 for it in a while back.) I had also sent in a few recipes when they were calling for contributions. Someone stuffed up somewhere along the line, because each of the recipes I sent in was acknowledged as being from someone else. (The Treasurer of the P & C no less.)

Yes. I'm just ever so slightly miffed. Yes. I am. Because if they are going to acknowledge everyone's contribution, they should get it right.

Do I say anything? (Zoe is possibly more miffed than I am - she asked me 'did you send any recipes in Mum?') Do I say to the Treasurer 'Hi.. I see you really liked the recipes I sent in for the recipe book.'
That sounds narky though, doesn't it.

Let it go, Tracey... let it go...


I sent an email to one of the netball committee girls asking for the scores from the twilight comp on Tues night so I could put them on the website. She emailed them to me, cc'd to the president (whose husband puts the scores in the paper), and added "See you both on Sunday."

Me: ???

Happened to see her in town... asked if the Sunday reference was for the Pres. and husband.

"No, the lunch!" she says.

"What lunch?"

"Our christmas lunch on Sunday. 1.00 Bluebottles. (Local cafe.)"

"I didn't know anything about that."

"Oh.. didn't S. tell you?"


Hmmm, so Marc will be away on Sunday; I'd planned to take the girls in to do their christmas shopping. I'm not sure whether to make an effort to get back in time, then leave the girls at home (daytime is ok.) Or think 'get stuffed' and not go. (I'm a bit over the whole thing at the moment anyway..)

Mmmmm... worms......


set 'em straight on the recipes, you at least deserve an apology for the cock up
I'd probably not go to the lunch. And I agree with Shishyboo- set them straight. Even if it was just a straight up accident, they need to know that YOU know and You KNOW THEY KNOW.
I don't know why it calls me "m". I'mnot 'M'...I'm rootietoot. I want credit when credit is due!
ha ha ha to m above.

Yes to the recipe correction - you don't have to have them make a song and dance about it, but an apology would be nice (and an explanation to your daughter).

I would be steaming about the "non-invite" thing also - I hate days like that...
LOL rootietoot. It's a conspiracy, I tell ya...

Is steaming about this stuff a female thing, do you think. My husband just went 'Yeah, well...'

I know that the netball crowd haven't intentionally left me out. Just I'm feeling like the Invisible Woman at the moment. (If that's possible.. you can't miss me the way I'm coughing my guts up in the morning...)

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