Friday, December 15, 2006


At least I have smooth legs.

I may be going slowly insane, but at least my legs are no longer hairy. I've been waxing them myself at home for over a year now ... (ever since I gave the beauty salon the flick because of what they did to my eyebrow.) I prided myself that I was saving money too. I've come to realise I have really been just redistributing my payments. An hour of contortionism each time (and not a particularly good job either..) and I've actually been contributing to the chiropractor's superannuation fund instead.

So a couple of days ago I walked by a local salon.. only $12 for a half leg wax (as opposed to the $17 or more I used to pay.) What the heck, it's Christmas, I thought. I booked in.. went yesterday. Ten minutes and it was done.

I wonder why I've been bothering myself all this time. Even if the woman wasn't particularly friendly or talkative. 10 minutes!!

Waxing my legs is one of the few girlie things I still bother with. (I shave under my arms, and shave the worst of the bikini line.. and that's all. I'm such a dag.) I usually feel MUCH better when my legs are smooth.. it usually gives me a boost. It just didn't really work yesterday (and it's not really working today).. probably all those worms I was eating...

And all the coughing.

And all the christmas shopping doing my head in.

At least THIS made me laugh. (See, there's a good reason why I don't colour my hair!!)

And yesterday I got THIS for my nephews. To share. At half the price it is going for there. Progress.

But, anyway, this is how crazy I am:

I loathe all the overdone Christmas stuff.. right?

But, I make those cards... and do up a webpage.. and a spiel. And it takes hours. Because I fuss around with it all.

Then the girls start bringing home sixty million cheap cards from friends which have just 'To X from Y' written on them. And they go 'Bloody cards.. what a waste of trees ... what is the point of them?' (I wonder where they got THAT idea from?) And so.. what are they going to do instead? Make treats - little xmas shaped biscuits/cookies/chocolate truffles. For all their friends.

Do I need a kitchen mess all weekend? No. So why oh why?

It's true.. I am crazy.

This morning I was all set to go to a Master Class presentation at Cait's school. 9.30 the invitation said, to see the 'best of' powerpoint research presentations the class had done. I dressed up in decent clothes... Thinking.. a couple of hours there.. then I'm back home and into the domestics. Hey yeah.

I also felt good that I had this to go to at the high school, because the primary school and high school end of year presentations clash next Monday morning. Both are at 9.30 am! Doh! Cait is getting something (the usual walk up and across stage, collect certificate, shake hands, walk straight off and sit back down in audience. But at least one of the other two will get something also (got a letter from school - just don't know who it's for!).. Alison is playing flute in the band... and is also in the running to be elected to the SRC, which will be announced.

So I will go to the primary one... and Cait is cool with that.

This morning when she reminds me about the Master Class presentation, she says 'I'm on last... it possibly won't be till after lunch.' AFTER LUNCH?!!! Like I have the time to sit there for 4 hours?! Hell, no, I have all this pre-christmas panic stuff to do! Plus mow the lawn. "Text me around recess and let me know how it's going." (It's 11.00 and I haven't heard...)

And I've been such a busy bee. Not. I have been sitting on the computer for 2 hours. Some of it is really important stuff.. like the christmas letter spiel. Riiight. And to do any domestics I need to change out of my decent clothes. And I'm still in them. (And it's raining so I can't mow.)

I'm just, basically... insane. But at least my legs are smooth.

** UPDATE. 1.15 pm : I took a punt on the timing.. went up to the school.. the teacher slotted her presentation in before lunch, so I was out of there in less than half an hour. Happy days.. now I have time to do some domestics.

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Oh wow - you do homework for your kids school? lol - I thought it was rich enough when we have to take plates of food for every party they decide grade 2 can't do without!

Great on getting out so soon - darn, its raining (I don't see the problem) so you're going to have to sit back and admire your legs!
okay - just reread and realise it is your child's presentation, not your own! phew.
Actually I'm being very confusing with the word "presentation".

The Monday ones (that clashed) are the end of year (our school year finishes in December) award ceremonies.

The 'Master Class' thing was a selective elective (hah!) unit that my daughter took.. ie. you had to be offered a place in it. They had to do a power point "presentation".. which they presented to the class. (Different slant on the word 'presentation'). The 'best of's were required to spend this morning 'presenting' them again.. to the long suffering class, other volunteers, and parents.

I do no homework for her EVER !! LOL.

And I've successfully avoided having to bring a plate of anything anywhere this season!
Tracey, you just gave me the best laugh with that link to the cheating husband thing.

I sure hope your smooth legs keep you happy for a bit. You sure deserve it!

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