Wednesday, December 13, 2006


*Cough cough.. sniffle.. sob*

Damn cough. It's been hanging around for a couple of weeks now. One of those ones that don't take you out completely, but wear you down gradually and insidiously. With cough medicine I'm managing to sleep ok, but I'm paying for it in the morning, (where you have to cough up all the crap sitting in your lungs...) with coughing fits where I just about throw up. Inexplicably, after one of those attacks, I feel like bursting into tears.. even though I know it could be much much worse. It eases off during the day then.. then hits again at night.

Needless to say it's not doing much to inspire me to any heights of creative thinking in the present buying department. And it's thrown me right off any niggling urges to vacuum or clean bathrooms... or to get out and burn some calories. I've been going to my swimming classes (simply because I've missed too many already..) and I can swim ok till we have to swim hard, and then it brings on another coughing fit.

Randomly, amongst the coughing, I'll have a hayfever-like attack of sneezes.

All in all it's an assault on my very weak pelvic floor muscles that I don't really need. My abdomen hurts with each cough now.. but somehow I don't think it's the right sort of ab crunch that will transform my belly from the jelly that it is. My lower back hurts with each coughing attack as well. Lucky I have a chiro appointment today. No doubt my propped-up sleeping posture is contributing to my problems in that area.

Then I need to hit the shops, and miraculously come up with solutions to the present (as in 'gift') dilemma. I am only buying for the kids, and my nephews, and I've got nothin'. NUTHIN' ! Totally stumped. OK.. I'll scrape by with the girls...though it won't be an 'ooh ahh look what Santa brought me christmas morning.

But the boys?! No effing idea. This is ridiculous.. world gone mad.. noone NEEDS anything. Somehow, I don't think a little card saying 'For your Christmas present this year we've donated money to buy a starving kid in a poor country some FOOD' is going to cut it. [Now that I've put that in black and white, I'm seriously thinking of doing something like that with the girls.. but I wouldn't DARE do it as a replacement for a present for my nephews.. the fallout would be unbearable.]

*cough, cough... sniffle... sob*

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Oh you poor thing... I completely understand the pelvic floor thing
Hope you feel better soon
Maybe movie tickets for the nephews? Tell them to go & see Happy Feet!
Must be that time of year - I've been downing as much Vitamin C as my liver can stand. That and wine. I'll be properly preserved before I'm 40, I'm sure.

Get isn't fun being sick.
Bionicles? Hotwheels cars? (Funny how that has replaced Matchbox cars.) Colouring books?

Oh I feel your pain re. the coughing attacks. I lost the cough in the evening but I've had the cough in the morning for a couple of months I reckon, ever since I lost my voice, which I think was the end of last term? Hmm, that would make it three months. Anyway, the last two nights I had a Claratyne (antihistamine) before bed, and the last two mornings I haven't had a coughing fit. I think I'm on to something.

My nails have still not grown back since all the sickness I have had this Winter. And I am someone who has had long nails all her life.

Don't feel like a wimp re crying. Those attacks where you nearly throw up are exhausting both physically and mentally/emotionally.

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