Sunday, December 17, 2006



This is it. The photo has lost quality along the way.. but I'm beyond worrying about it. It's not that important anyway in the scheme of things.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

How about those moving thingies, eh. Copying and pasting Javascript is so cool.

Marc has left for the flights to KL. He didn't wake me while he packed this morning. Once he did, to kiss me goodbye, and I needed to get up to go to the loo, then the coughing and sneezing and that started, so I didn't get to sleep in any longer. Which is a bummer, because I reckon I could do with it. I'm not feeling on top of the world right now. Headache to add to the mix. And we were going to hit the shops. Arrrghh... crowds... ugh.

Zoe decided to make 'snowflakes' as her 'cards' to her friends.. so she is busy producing confetti. Easy enough to vacuum up. Thank you to E. for the inspiration via the parcel of goodies that arrived recently!

Now to hassle #2 about what she is doing for friends and teacher. (She has just come and asked me if she can make shortbread!)

(And what #3 is doing for her teacher..?)

And to wake up DQ.

And to take something for this headache.

Merry Christmas.

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