Wednesday, December 06, 2006


And I thought I was careless...

I'm pretty good at losing and misplacing things, I have to say. Take my swimming costume saga from last week for instance. Recently I also had to buy new sunglasses.. didn't have a clue where mine were.. they turned up about 6 weeks later at my hairdresser's house. (Yes, she could have rung me...)

My mum-in-law rang me the other morning to ask if we'd lost one of our tandems. Ha ha. Or perhaps we might want to buy one. (Yeah, why not, we already have 4!) She had heard this amusing item on the radio about the Railways Lost Property auction... and they had a tandem for sale.

I did a google, and found it... and a whole heap of other bikes as well. I ask you this.. how do you just accidentally leave your bike behind on a train?

(Just incidentally, I note that good spelling obviously isn't a prerequisite for auctioneering. )

Granted, also, that a lot of the items on the list (if you go to the link) are obviously Railway office or yard property that they are getting rid of. I can't think where a tandem bike would have been standard Railways issue though....


"Now that's fried." Paul's comment on your power point, or outlet as we say here.

Repeat after me: I will survive Christmas. I will enjoy myself. I will discover one good reason why we have Christmas once a year. ( even if it's just the excess of chocolate on the store shelves )

Buy cheap sunglasses by the gross and scatter them around the world.

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