Friday, December 22, 2006


Peace on earth...

If you haven't already seen this one... it's worth it.

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I don't know why,but that made me cry.
Meee tooo!

Peace, one hug at a time.
Yeah, I get all teared up every time I watch it.

Maybe I should make it compulsory viewing every time the kids start fighting.

Or every time I get shirty about my mother!!
Oh dear I must have no Christmas spirit. That did nothing for me. I hate crowds, I hate people touching me or hugging me unless they are friends or family. Hugs are great, I love hugs, but not from complete strangers. I'm scared of germs and he might be a pickpocket or have nits.

Did the clip play ok for everyone else? It kept stopping for me.
It was that first 'little old lady' that did it for me...

I'm a bit the same, though not so much the germophobia... but it just makes me think the world might be a nicer place if we all dropped our prejudices...

A strategy for the Middle East?
I didn't need another reason to cry but at least that was a good one. Happy Christmas

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