Monday, November 27, 2006


Doesn't take much...

... for me to be a sook. [I've realised that any non Aussie/Kiwi readers might not understand that word - so there's a dictionary link!] My throat is a bit worse than last night, and I'm coughing a bit more, and I'm a bit headachy. Nothing drastic, and I'm not crying (as the definition implies.. you can actually be a sook in many ways.. and in my case, today, it's just using it as an excuse not to get stuck in to the vacuuming...)

I was up till 1am. Ridiculous! I know, I know. I was kind of hoping Marc would come online.. or rather, come back from being 'away'. He did, at around 11.30.. then said he was having a shower. I sat here playing Freecell.. then at 12.20 I shot off a "long shower eh?". Oops.. he was talking to his colleague (they are living in an apartment.)

So I spent the next 15 minutes grumbling about how stupid it is that we live like this.. him away, me hanging about the computer hoping to catch a bit of him when I can. Every now and then I have a cranky attack about the whole thing... usually on a weekend. It didn't help that he was supposed to be home yesterday, and is delayed. The extra few days just take it over the edge for me.. psychologically. And this one will only be 2 and a half weeks in total (with 2 and a half weekends stuffed up) ... How the hell did I handle the frequent 4 week/6 week trips? (and the 3 month one back in about 2001.)

So, yes. Up till 1am. Kids also went to bed late because I let them stay up to watch the Australian Idol final. Strangely enough I slept through the alarm and radio... woke up at 7.50 (Cait needs to catch bus at 8.15.) No, of course she wasn't up. And I hadn't ironed uniforms.. doh! Did that, and I was *ahem*.. in the bathroom.. when I hear (from 2 floors up) the 'proverbial' hitting the fan. Much shouting and then stomping.. all the way up to me. Zoe has unthinkingly used up the last of the low fat milk, AND all but a dribble of the full cream milk (that Caitlin insists on having). Cait wouldn't consider using my 'no fat', and spent 10 minutes of precious time chucking a wobbly about it. I don't know what she thought would be achieved... it wasn't as if (from my position on the loo!) I was going to be able to wave my magic wand and make a carton of full cream milk appear in the next 6o seconds. I could berate Zoe for not thinking... particularly as she can cope with no-fat milk. And I berated the lot of them for blithely having Actavite and milk last night for 'dessert'... and not considering whether there would be enough left for breakfast. But it wasn't going to miraculously produce milk.

And it's probably why I have the headache on top of the scratchy throat and cough. It's all so trivial in the whole scheme of things, and pretty normal teenager behaviour, but it has the capacity to send you nuts.

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