Monday, January 29, 2007


If only I looked the part...

I must sound so athletic when I describe our bike riding and other 'exploits'. Sometimes I am even lulled into believing the illusion myself. Until I see a photo of myself, that is! Heaven help me, why couldn't I look a bit more like I belong on a bike! It's ironic, really. I am the fittest I've been since having children.. but also the heaviest. And it's depressing.

OK, yes, I am taking steps - with this weight training thing with the personal trainer. Third private session today (out of seven private ones...), then I can go on to a group one (cheaper), as well as a private one if I want. I am not sure what I'll do yet. I just know that I need the one-on-one guidance at the moment, particularly with learning how to use the equipment so that I am 'kind' to my back. It got aggravated by attempting leg presses last week. Tomorrow I'll see my chiro and get some guidelines.

But meantime, I achieve things like bike riding 130 km over the weekend, and then feel shattered when I see the photos. Dork! Chunky! Fatty! I don't feel like that when I am riding.. (I was actually feeling pretty shit hot a few times there, when my stoker and I were cranking it out along the flats!) But I sure look like that from the other side of a lens. (Trust me - any photos that make it to the web are very carefully selected.)

I don't know how bad I look in reality. I hope it's not like the photos.

Needless to say, then, with this new fresh batch of 'evidence', I am fighting the old 'enemy within'. A dose of self loathing leading to inaction and procrastination. And sitting on my bum here most of the day (since getting back from the trainer at lunchtime - which was just weights - no energy burning stuff really.)

OK, I was doing the netball newsletter and website. But I could have gone for my walk. (So much for Objectives.) I could have mowed the grass. I could have taken the girls for a last-day-of-holidays swim at the beach.

I didn't even go out to buy food. No Marc (he's gone away till Friday now) so I just managed to scrape up enough leftovers to make up a batch of fried rice for dinner. (Poor children.. this tends to happen when the daddy goes away and the mummy does a slack-a-thon for dinner...)

Which brings me to another problem I have. This stay at home mother thing.. Yeah, well - if only I acted the part.


First, if that's you in the picture, you are NOT a fatty.

Second, let me know when you figure out how a stay at home mother is supposed to act. I don't ever cook when SD is gone.
I think someone should do a survey and find out if anyone, ever, likes photos of themself. I am now at the point where most times I refuse to admit it's me.

Stay at home mom's......I've meet the ones who never stop cooking and cleaning, the ones who watch TV all day and think the actors on the soaps are real people, the ones who spend the day shopping and visiting and the ones like me who read, do laundry when the basket is full, dust and vac. when necessary and cook as the mood strikes.

No rules as long as nobody dies. LOL
Tracey, you are amazing! Don't beat yourself up.
I have to side with Elizabeth and say that I am a SAHM just like her. I loved your term slack-a-thon, I might start using that one myself. I tend to go easy with the cooking when the bloke is not home.
You said yourself, you felt shit hot at times and the fittest you've ever been, that's what matters!

Don't look at things in terms of kilograms, they mean nothing when you feel good.

Look at how many people you have cheering you on! Go Tracey Go!

Oh and no one will perish from a knock up dinner of leftovers.

Stay at home mum does not equal Susie Homemaker, like Elizabeth says, "no rules as long as nobody dies"
Now I feel as if I was fishing for compliments, when I wasn't! It was just the prevailing feeling I had all day yesterday. But I do appreciate the support.

I do like your quotable quote, E. "No rules as long as nobody dies." I do joke that I operate on chaos theory. And the 'why do today what you can put off till tomorrow' theme.

Problem is I don't dust or vac when necessary. It's gone way beyond that. And you should see the ironing pile.

Somehow we manage to eat every day, so I suppose that's something.

That is what the ironing pile does to us all. I had one of those days and I didn't cycle 130km over the weekend.

I am still in awe of you.

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