Wednesday, April 04, 2007



I am a loser! But this post is not a grumble. (Which makes a pleasant change!!)

I am a happy loser! I have to share... I got measured at the trainers today, and compared to measurements taken my first day with her at the end of January.

Lost: 3.5 cm off chest/boobs... 9 cm off waist!!, 8 cm off hips!! around 3 cm off each thigh, and 3-4 cm off each upper arm. And around 3kg.

Seeing my aim was to lose 1 kg per month, I am on target and more.

And the centimetres?!! I had no particular aim, except to be a bit slimmer, thanks.. so I AM STOKED!

And boy does it give me the impetus I need to keep going. Not only to be able to take my pick of women's cycling jerseys, but maybe I might even feel like dressing up and going out.

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Whoo Hoo, good on you girl! I would be celebrating being a loser like that too.
You go girl! *finger snap*
awesome stats, well done!
Wow that's fantastic!
Congratulations! Shape is so much more important than weight... keep up the good work.
Hate you. Hate. Loser!

(Fantastic that you are doing so well. Inspiration, really.)
Ya for you. (big smiling face happening here )
I can't believe how spoiled I am with this personal cheer squad I have here. You are all so awesome, I just hope I manage to give you guys all the cheering on you need when you need it...

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