Sunday, April 08, 2007


Well thank goodness that's over...

Well, all over bar the cramping and the rest, but at least (as I'm coming to realise), once I get the cramping and my period starts, then the bad mood dissipates, and so today I'm feeling much more "normal". Thank god for that! (Just think, a whole month till you have to read about it again!)

So, hey, now it's just a matter of dealing with cramps for a day (the 'drugs' help a bit (Ponstan) but I haven't yet figured out the timing to prevent a wave of cramping that interrupts normal activity. Maybe I need an extra dose might be needed in the day - because at around lunchtime today the pain made it impossible for me to stand around chit-chatting... so I was a bit anti-social for a while.)

And then there's the usual 'inconvenience' to deal with, but all in all it's just a relief not to be such a cranky bitch fighting an emotional whirlpool within.

It might be good to get back to the gyno again to see whether all this falls into a range of 'normal' (given my age - is this just pre-menopausal crap?). For most of my 'youth' I had a fairly trouble-free time in that department, both pain-wise and mood-wise, (and to the point that I didn't know what everyone was on about when they talked about PMS), so it's hard to know whether I'm just being a big wussy about it all, making mountains out of molehills as usual. Or is it real, and something that can be dealt with beyond me dumping on a blog?!

We did get out of the house today - Alison was asked by friends to do the bike leg in a local surf-club organised quadrathon. It was a bit of a shemozzle of an event - with either individuals or teams, but not enough equality in the teams to make it anything of a competition. The legs were: Paddle 2km on a board, ski or kayak (reality - half that if you are on a board using your arms, unless you were fast on a board and made to do 2 laps! ) Swim 800m (reality looked more like 500m - pretty easy!) Bike billed as 22km (reality 17km, but still the longest leg of the whole 'thon) and Run 5km. Turned out Alison's team was the only one with a kid doing the bike ride (seems all these local kids that do surf club and athletics can swim, paddle boards, or run, but there's none prepared to do what sounds like (to them) a really hard bike ride! - and they thought Alison was 'brave' to attempt it!) Other teams had kids, but an adult doing the ride for them. (Don't know where all the offspring of triathlon nuts are?!)

So she did pretty well, for a kid on a hybrid/mtb style kids bike with 24 inch wheels! She was overtaken by most of the adults, but hey! Kudos to her! The distance wasn't an issue at all (you wouldn't think it would be after she's ridden 450km in a week, albeit on a triplet!) If she had an appropriate bike she'd have done it quicker, but you can't supply everyone in the family with a bike for every possible occasion! (No, not even us, with our shed full of bikes!)

I suppose our family could do it next year for fun... I could have offered to swim today for a last minute thrown together team, but, meh, just the wrong day of the month for it. (Plus it would be nice if people asked you at least 24 hours beforehand... there are a lot of vague, disorganised people around!) If I could run I could even do the lot, but I don't think my hip much likes me trying to run. Actually Alison would be the family member most likely to be able to do the lot, once she had a bit of practice on a board, or in a kayak.

Something to ponder upon for next year.. doesn't hurt to have some aims and objectives in the family exercise department! Besides which, I've been talking about how I wouldn't mind a road bike!!!

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have you seen the movie "boystown"? in their bid to appeal to the middleaged female sector they write a song about *that special time of the month*, cracked me up that they refer to our monthly visitor as the red baron.
glad to hear that you a feeling better. PMS is murder around here, everyone suffers, not just me so you're not alone. I reckon sometimes it's the only time I can summon the courage to address other issues that are bugging me.
I can relate to that strangely perverse feeling of relief when finally the period starts too!
big hugs from the west coast x o x o
Snort! The red baron.

You guys were all so active today. I'm afraid all I did was walk around to the shop to get the Sunday paper then spend the rest of the day on the computer and with my head stuck in a textbook or 4.

As for menopause - my mum turned into a right bitch when she started (mid 40s). Dad ended up making her go to the doc to get HRT and it was way better after that. She stopped yelling at me for no reason!
Not a bad idea to have things checked out T.

See if you can get a hormone level check. It would be interesting to find out how much it might change during the month and if there is something that can level it out for you.
All I can say is thank goodness you are allowed out from under that little black cloud - and a big nod to shishyboo for The Red Baron reference!

Oh and good on Alison for doing the cycling for the team - it is frustrating when things are badly organised (I see a lot of that around here!) but so long as the kids enjoy it is bearable.

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