Tuesday, April 10, 2007


What woman doesn't...?

While I'm in an Omega mood, I have to write about something that gets me all 'grrrr', so that I have to fight off the "is there something wrong with me" heebie jeebies.

It's the generalising of women in regard to their typical habits, and likes and dislikes. Sometimes you see it in the jokey emails doing the rounds, and other times people just drop it into conversation. I probably get more annoyed when women do it, because I think they should know better that as a gender we have so many individual differences!

At the school recently I opted to buy tickets in a raffle for the fruit & veg tray rather than the basket of body products. The (very annoying) woman from the front office tried to talk me into the basket.. "What woman wouldn't love this..."... My response: "Well, me, actually - I hate all that stuff!!"

For the record, I am woman (hear me roar), but I don't like:

There are other 'characteristics' usually attributed to 'all women' that tend to annoy me, but I'll stick with my practical list for the moment...

I know that there are similar generalisations made about men, so I'm not just getting all on my feminist high horse here... (I growl to myself when women bag their husbands for misdemeanours that they attribute to their husband being simply a male, rather than his particular personality.)

So the next time you are about to say 'What woman wouldn't like...' - think again! If I said 'What woman wouldn't want to ride 450 km on a tandem with her daughter' you'd think I was nuts, but I'd rather do that than wear or use any of the above!

Does anyone else react to these generalisations, or is it just me?!!

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Oh god, I hope that post that set you off wasn't one of mine!

I hate make up too. And, while I have long hair, all I ever do with it is put it up in a pony tail or bun. I hate the assumption that all women are bad drivers. And that we all want to have children and if we say we don't, we are told we'll change our mind when we get older.

I hate that it is assumed that we'd all find a show like Manpower a lot of fun. And that we get jealous if our beloved speaks to another woman in passing.

And finally, the only reason that you are interested in a certain subject is because a tv show made it part of the mainstream. OK, the last one is kinda general, but I had to throw it in.
There is nothing wrong with you - of course, people - women - have different likes/dislikes. But the marketing of products gets everyone on a 'bandwagon' - thus the "What woman wouldn't love this..." preface to 'selling' her wares.

Annoying, yes. But it wouldn't be used as a marketing tool if it didn't work on some. Good on you that it didn't work on you.
I'm not really talking about marketing tools... It's more that other women use that line without thinking (and I've removed a reference to what kicked me off on my post, because I started making people paranoid!!)

I think it's the 'What woman doesn't...' bit that gets to me. Kind of implying that there must be something wrong with the woman that wouldn't... sort of thing.

I know it's not meant intentionally .. I'm basically just issuing an Omega-ish plea for other women to think about what they are saying! Because there are weird women like me who don't fit the mold, but still want to feel that we are women!

Change that line to 'What mother wouldn't'.. and you'll start realising you could be on shaky ground!
Hear hear! Now, I do like smelly bath stuff, but no makeup, cotton undies only (I have the same issues you do).
My issue is being told by the Media that unless I like all this girly stuff I am somehow flawed. I allow the presence of boobs to accentuate my femininity.
I hate baths too. They don't go cold ten seconds after the water gets to the correct level, which is ages, and you don't get so wrinkley in the shower either.
Hate lacy bras - itch city. Cotton rules all the way.
That should have been "showers don't go cold" sheesh!

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