Thursday, April 05, 2007


It's diabolical, really...

Seriously, the house is in such a mess, it pretty much needs one of those reality shows where they haul everything out into the front yard, embarrass the crap out of you, but you start from scratch in the house again. I swear we could throw out half the Stuff! that we have in here, and we wouldn't miss it - because half the time we can't find it when we want it anyway! (eg. this week we were looking for a packet of brass picture hanging wire that I know we have because the mirror in the ensuite fell off the wall (again). Could we find it? No. Did I have to buy another roll? Yes.. So does that mean we actually now have 2 rolls of picture hanging wire in the house? Why yes! Of course! Somewhere.)

Once the house had been stripped of all the crap, it could then be cleaned properly, because I am such a pathetic cleaner that it is now all beyond an average clean. And it is so hard to clean around everybody's Stuff! that I end up just poking the vacuum cleaner, broom, duster, mop, or sponge at and around things, which, of course, leaves corners of copulating dust bunnies, and cobwebs in the (exposed) rafters that would out-cobweb Miss Havisham's house (as I always imagined it from the book.) - Actually, take your pick from the "Fictional squalorees" on that link I just found! - some I don't know, but could probably quite aptly be compared to!)

It might be Autumn, but baby, this house needs a spring clean. No, that's not enough.. it needs some sort of 'Of the Decade' scale clean out. Snow White!!! Where are you?!!!

I am lucky most days to get beyond making the kitchen barely presentable. And I am lucky most weeks to manage to clean the bathroom basins and the loos. And now to really make any inroads into any area of the house, I know that the dust will get up my nose, and it'll be sneeze city. (Hello Sinus & Hayfever tablets!...)

So gross. It's di-a-bolical. But I just ...don't ...know ...where start.

(Actually, I've just read the home page of that last link (amazing what you can stumble upon on the internet isn't it?!) and I realise that I perhaps haven't sunk quite to the depths yet... and realistically, I am exaggerating slightly - it's not quite Miss Havisham level. I think perhaps I am just at First Degree Squalor Level) (And OMG, I just read about C.H.A.O.S. - Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome - which I feel that I have the first symptoms of!.. oh scary thought!)

I guess it is all doable, and with the school holidays starting, and we aren't going away anywhere.. then it might be appropriate to get the whole family involved. And for me to then make some changes - to myself, as well as to the habits of the family - so that the rest of the year sees an improvement, instead of a slide into the Totally Out-of-Control or Second Degree Squalor!

After getting a haircut this morning, and then doing the duty attendance at the school's Easter Hat Parade, (yes it was pretty ho hum, but I was THERE)... I'm running out of time to do anything constructive... again... as usual.... because I tend to fill in the gaps between 'appointments' with blog reading, online newspaper browsing, coffee drinking, morning tea, then lunch... and .. another coffee... and... well.. blogging. Like I am now! (Do you see any time management issues happening here?)

I am getting that teary PMS-ish feeling welling up in me again too, so I know that I would probably feel better if I took myself out for some exercise - a walk at least - even if I am feeling all stiff and sore from the weight training yesterday! (A "good" stiff and sore, but sheesh...)

I am considering suggesting a visit to the library with the kids after school for us all to pick up some holiday reading. I approach even this with some trepidation because I know that it will mean more Stuff! to lie around the floors (and to have to track down when the books are due again... the nooks and crannies Zoe manages to find to secrete (and forget) books in is quite impressive really...) But we haven't done any local library borrowing for a while, so it is probably time we did so.. so as I can be a "good" parent and all that.

Oh well.. wish me luck! I have shown that I can make some changes in my life. The weight/centimetres loss! And I can now get up at 5 am to go bike riding! (We are going to go again on Saturday!) I have stopped drinking coffee after dinner! I CAN CHANGE!!!

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what you need is a good house elf
The thing about the house cleaning is that it is so darn BORING! And a thankless job that seems to right back to piled up debris stage but the end of teh following day, despite the sparkling slogathon only the day prior. I understand your mildly interested consideration of the house cleaning. If I lived nearby I woudl gladly come over and help you make a party of the throw out session (love a good throw out), then you could come and help me with mine ;)
Happy Easter, mate.
Hey there Trace!!! My goodness - you have been extremely prolific in the blog writing department though - last time I came by you only had PMS - now you have added to the repertoire Easter Hat Parades, Amazing Weight Loss and a good case of House Willies!!!
Now, we did not have the EHP, as our music teacher has fallen in love with Bindi Irwin and so we had the entire lower school put on their class performances of her fitness video - and I sat their like a drama critic from a broadsheet and picked the choreography to pieces (although sap in me did tear up as I caught glimpses of my enthusiastic 7 year old behind the behemoth who stood still through the whole Elephant song).
Amazing weight loss I am afraid requires an effort I have not investigated for fear it might attack me.
But the daunting house clean - I know it well - add to that another adult has just entered the fray and has stuff to shoehorn into this pod and I fear we may have ourselves an explosion.
How about you and me go in for some working together on our houses - transform a room theoretically together and feel better at some point over the holidays?
lol - although not today, as 'Salina is preparing picnic makings for us to take on a cycle. I am already turning into a version of you!!!
My goodness, I have just written a blog entry on your comments page!!!!
Yes, I need a house elf! As long as he's not as erratic as Dobby!

Rootie, I've seen flylady, but I don't reckon I can get past Step 1 and the sink!!

A clean up party.. that would be good if I wasn't already experiencing the embarrassment of C.H.A.O.S. Strauss, you would have to be at First Degree as well!!

Jeanie, I am laughing so much, one because I love your blog post on my comments, two, because I know SO much what you mean about catching glimpses of one's child behind some other one on stage...
three because I have inspired you to get on a bike!!!, four because I love the term 'house willies' !! and five, because I do like the idea of cyber parallel room transformations... the problem still being I don't know where to start!!!

Just don't forget, guys, I haven't had amazing weight loss as such. 3 kg.. meh...chicken feed. I am still privately gobsmacked over the measurements though .. and I am delightedly trying on clothes that I'd busted out of and now fit into again! Even undies!!!
I found myself teetering on the brink of 2nd degree squalor. So I've done a bit of a clean up and am back to the land of 1st degree. Phew!

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